Part fascinating history and part practical manual, this engaging guide takes the position that the Ouija Board is indeed as powerful as its detractors claim. Author J. Edward Cornelius shows how anyone armed with the proper knowledge can use the Ouija to communicate with invisible beings and other worlds. Entertaining and enlightening, Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board reveals the dark secrets and hidden truths of this curious, enduring game. Log in Sign up.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. And the ouija board aleister crowley 1. We shall examine the history of the Board in the latter's regard simply because, prior to Spiritualism, the use of a talking board remained relatively unknown, even though it had been used for centuries around the world in one form or another.

Spiritualism brought the talking board into the forefront of mainstream society. However, there is a major difference between the board's application amongst Spiritualists and its use by Magicians that can be summed up by a single word: Will! The spiritualistic phenomenon is often the product of a trance state. Most of the materializations are considered a by-product of a passive relationship between a medium and the board.

Spiritualists often pride themselves in exerting no conscious control over that which they're channeling. Magicians, on the other hand, perform their rites consciously, deliberately and with the full intent of their Will. While they might assume a passive, mediumistic role when working a Ouija board, they remain very active in their ability to control that which is manifesting. From the start it is important for you, the reader, to distinguish between the simple children's game, Spiritualism's usage, and Aleister Crowley's approach to this subject of the talking board.

This book is primarily concerned with the latter. Many people may be unaware that Aleister Crowley advocated the Ouija board's use.

She credits some of her greatest spiritual communications i 2. Crowley also discussed the Ouija board with another of his students, Frater Achad Charles Stansfeld Jones ; it is frequently mentioned in their unpublished letters.

In one letter Crowley told Jones, "Your Ouija board experiment is rather fun. You see how very satisfactory it is, but I believe things improve greatly with practice. I think you should keep to one angel, and make the magical preparations more elaborate. I offer you the position of my confidential agent in this matter, on the basis of ten percent of my net profit. You are, if you accept this, responsible for the legal protection of the ideas, and the marketing of the copyrighted designs.

I trust that this may be satisfactory to you. I hope to let you have the material in the course of a week This book begins by studying the board's history, its basic theories and from there examines what Aleister Crowley and other magicians have written.

We'll attempt to show how anyone, with the proper knowledge, can bring invisible beings through a Ouija board from the far reaches of other dimensions into our own world. Magicians have long known that the triangular shape of the planchette is such a unique magickal and archetypal symbol that it automatically acts as an invisible doorway.

When any unsuspecting person places their hands on the triangle and asks, "Is Someone there? These problems have occurred through the misuse of the board—that is the key. What the average person fails to realize is that these unsuccessful ventures prove beyond a shred of doubt that the board is capable of bridging the invisible world with our own, but it must be done correctly.

You will be taught how to cast open the invisible gates, and you'll learn about the dark secrets which have been only whispered behind closed doors for centuries. Edward Cornelius in 4. Like astro- logy, Tarot cards, crystal gazing and other forms of magickal techniques and paraphernalia that have made their way into mainstream society, the talking board has been reduced to little more than toy status. In some ways we have to thank the spiritualists' movement of the nineteenth century for this folly.

They've degraded this and many other sacred mysteries in their often fraudulent quest to communicate with the deceased or the spirit world. It has been almost impossible for the board to shake the negative stigma that it works only in the lower astral plane or with subconscious meanderings. And because of this blemish, many ceremonial magicians refuse to acknowledge the possibility of using the board in a ritual setting, fearing ridicule by their peers if it became known that they were using a talking board.

Although magicians like to claim that they approach all subjects of magick from a scientific point of view, many would rather perform safer rituals of a subjective nature, i 5. Rarely is any objective magick undertaken in which we hear about a magician invoking an entity from another realm into ours. The idea of communicating with demons, angels or even elementals and a whole host of other "little folk" is mythic at best in the minds of most.

Many believe these entities don't exist and will argue that they are merely allegorical. However, history has shown that some magicians have dared to step outside this belief structure and have actually communicated with invisible entities. Aleister Edward Crowley knew that human sexual polarity or magnetism could be utilized in such a way that two individuals working together could open a doorway into these subtle realms.

Although this book is not meant to be a treatise on western Tantra, or sex magick, I'd like to point out that Crowley used both women and men in roles that enabled him to lift the veils and draw down invisible entities.

With his teachings, the art of ceremonial magick and the talking board can merge because the same principles of polarity are applied in both cases. Two people working together can open a doorway. Aleister Crowley took the practice of magick into depths few individuals could ever imagine; many believe he is indisputably the greatest of all authorities on the subject.

His writings provide us with a unique glimpse into the nature of the talking board's capability as a ritualistic implement, something that many people seem to ignore. In fact, Crowley advocated its use. If it were only a parlor game, would the likes of the Great Beast have given this implement any consideration at all? He had been one of Crowley's students since the early '40s and had met the Great Beast numerous times while serving as a young Army officer during World War II.

I met Grady in , and he spent time at my house in Connecticut on several occasions. During one of our many talks on magick, the conversation drifted into spiritism and ghost-hunting.

On this subject we shared common stories and good laughs; however, one topic made Grady extremely serious. When I mentioned the Ouija board to ask his opinion on its use, without hesitation he stressed strongly that it was his and Crowley's belief that it was not a toy to be played with lightly, and that the average person walks on dangerous ground when using the board.

In fact, he said, knowing what he does about the board, he'd never use it casually. This bewildered me while piquing my curiosity. He obliged me with a lengthy discourse, the gist of which was that a talking board utilizes the same angelic principles practiced by the Elizabethan magician John Dee The board could be used to summon Enochian or lower elemental forces, which, as any true magician will attest, can be very dangerous if left unchecked.

Grady further pointed out that John Dee looked into the invisible realms, known as Aethyrs, through the use of a crystal ball. Here the angels appeared and communicated their messages by pointing to one letter at a time on huge boards of letters.

The same principle, he said, holds true for the talking board, but, instead of going within the realm of the angels, we bring the entities out into our world to communicate in the same fashion, allowing them to move the triangle from one letter to another to spell out messages. Enochian magick is so unique that it comes with a warning that no one should dabble in its affairs unless extremely well-versed in the subject.

Even non-believers who have attempted experiments have had 3 7. Like the Ouija board, it doesn't matter whether you believe in the system or not; it simply works. However, intellectually what many individuals achieve through their Enochian workings is frighteningly similar to what is usually obtained when using the board as a parlor game.



Ever since it was adapted by Parker Brothers into a massively popular board game for young people, the Ouija Board has been a lightning rod for controversy. While these claims recall a special brand of witch trial-era hysteria, master occultist and Aleister Crowley expert, author J. Edward Cornelius, affirms that many of these accusations are founded in truth. Instead of fearing this concept, why not learn to use it more effectively?


Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board

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By Matthew Levi Stevens on 29 april, Suppose a strange woman walked into your drawing room and insisted on being hostess. You would be troubled by this. Yet, people sit down and offer the use of their brains and hands which are, after all, more important than offices and drawing rooms to any stray intelligence that may be wandering about. People use the Ouija Board without taking the slightest precautions. The aforementioned planchette is where the connection with Spiritualism really starts to come in. A similar process was instrumental in the Automatic Writing sessions of psycho-archaeologist Frederick Bligh Bond during his excavations at Glastonbury Abbey and claimed as the source of the insights prompting his surprisingly successful excavations.


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