Output power may be selected at: 5, 2. This high capacity radio supports Channels, Zones up to channels per zones , scan lists. Transmits and receives GPS coordinates automatically, and displays the distances between you and other users. Up to 14 hours of recording communications.

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Output power may be selected at: 5, 2. This high capacity radio supports Channels, Zones up to channels per zones , scan lists. Transmits and receives GPS coordinates automatically, and displays the distances between you and other users. Up to 14 hours of recording communications. Designed to resist dust and splash, the DJ-MD40 features specs such as 1W audio output with a large speaker and 2.

Capable of operating 5W output in analog and digital with mixed mode, channels programmable in 64ch per zone. Be sure to observe all regulations applicable to cross-band operation. And much more Full of advanced features, the DJ offers landmobile-grade operation and powerful 5W output. Convenience features include direct frequency input, alphanumeric channel labels and memory channels that can each store operating parameters. A Li-Ion battery pack and a stand charger are standard, adding power and convenience.

The DX-SR9T is a hybrid, stand-alone analog and digital SDR transceiver, yet simple operating commands, straight forward and logical key layout assures that you can start enjoying this state-of-the-art transceiver from the moment you first power up!

With front-panel separation, large bright LCD display, front facing speaker, Auto-keyer and many other desired features the DX-SR9T is ready to capture the attention of everyone from a beginner in the world of Shortwave to the most experienced operators!

You can start making contacts right away with this pocket size wonder that combines leading edge technology with simple operation. Enjoy a full 5 watts of power on the MHz band and 2. Enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities with this rugged dual band HT featuring a choice of 3 power output levels up to a maximum of 5 W VHF and 4. The DJ-G7 tunes 0. AM and WFM modes allow you to hear the aviation and broadcast bands and with the broadcast preset memories and built-in AM bar antenna radio listening is easier than ever.

Enjoy a variety of scan modes and options that include Time -set scan, 50 pair of programmable scan memories, Timing adjustable priority scanning and Alinco's patented Channel-Scope? There are also two modes of bug detector functions. Loaded with technical features, 5 watts of output power and a wide array of operator conveniences, the DJ-V5 is an attractive option in a compact package.

The world is at your fingertips, from aircraft or public safety communications to broadcast or monitoring the short-wave ham bands. Leading the way in miniature electronics technology with its revolutionary "credit card" size transceivers and multi-mode scanning receivers, Alinco once again sets a new standard for excellence with the DJ-X Hoppa till.

Logga in. Inte nu. Shawn Kirst. I'm having problems with the programming software for the Alinco Yes, I know it's an older radio but it's virtually a brand new radio in the software and the computer are brand new.

I have had this radio for a few years but I just recently tried to hook it up to the computer program with the cable. It's a newer radio, brand new software, brand new programming cable and a brand new Windows 10 computer. Everything is updated including the computer and the Alinco RT Systems software.

I have contacted Alinco and they told me they cannot help me because the programming software is not their product. I contacted RT systems which is the programming softwares manufacturers name and they sent me a new CD key, but the problem still persists. Here is what's going on. I put all of the frequencies onto the computer including the repeaters and pl tones and the whole nine yards.

Everything is good to go but when I send the data from the computer to the radio, the radio displays the word pass. Then I follow the on-screen instructions and I unplug the cable and then turn the radio off. When I turn the radio back on, the radio displays the word error and then the radio cannot be used.

I then have to turn the radio off, press and hold the function button while turning the radio back on then the radio is wiped clean and I can operate the radio. The radio will transmit and receive but there are no memories in the radio.

Then I tried connecting the cable from the computer to the radio once again and I initiated the programming process. The same thing happens where the radio displays the word pass on the screen signifying that the programming was complete.

However when I unplug the cable and I turn off the radio and turn it on again the radio displays the word error. What happened and what can be done to correct this problem? I can manually program in frequencies on the radio and transmit and receive but once I try to program and send frequencies from the computer to the radio is when the problem happens.

I'm wondering why the radio displays the word pass when in fact there is a problem. Could you please help me correct this problem so I can use the software and cable to program the radio? Thank you. Visa mer. Nice condition. Works pre It turns way to free. Thanks for any help. Information om data i sidstatistik. Alinco Radio har uppdaterat sitt omslagsfoto. Alinco Radio har uppdaterat sin profilbild. DJ-X11 Detail information. Main-band coverage: 0.

An external antenna required for practical HF monitoring. Internal bar antenna for AM broadcast reception and earphone antenna feature inclusive. Visa fler.


PDF Alinco DJ V5 VHF UHF Service Manual

Welcome to Www. Antenna tuners. Ham resources. Below you will see what you need to do to make some operational adjustments that do not require opening the radio at all. All operational adjustments are readily made by an access code on the keypad. Before performing these adjustments please make sure you write down every setting code indicated in the LCD display area when preparing to adjust so you can restore it back factory defaults if you need to. You can access the radio operational adjustment mode by doing the following: 1: With the radio turned on press the Func-Lock button for one second until radio is in keylock mode.


Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

This is the manuals page for Alinco. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download. And when you click on the file or icon it will count as a download. If you can't find a manual please do not contact us, all the manuals we have are online. This is all the manuals for Alinco.


Alinco DJ-V5 Instruction manual


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