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Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary. People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier. We're not going to have that here. And we swear to God, if anyone comes in here and starts spouting off QAnon bullshit about COVID or literally anything else, you are going to get permabanned so thoroughly that your grandchildren won't be allowed to post here.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter AdamLeisemann Start date May 31, AdamLeisemann Retired User.

I would like some additional input. I don't have any examples featured yet, but I plan to put some in when time allows. Just take a look at the rules. Presented here are some game seeds: three fairly standard ones and three different ones. We aren't quite there, admittedly However, feel free to offer any input. Jared Hayter Some like it Gort. Validated User. It's fairly comprehensive in terms of the information and advice outside of pure mechanics.

However, the GM advice states it shouldn't be all combat but your rules don't seem to handle anything else. I'm of a mind that the game and the mechanics should be about the same thing so I recommend you develop the mechanical side of those other aspects of gameplay. I would recommend that you rename stats to attributes to fit the convention that attributes are something everyone has a rating in, and rename attributes to traits because this it the term conventionally used for player-defined stats.

I'm not happy with the way your two scales work. It's not at all clear where human scale and robot scale which should really be called gear scale overlap. I recommend that you devote more page count to fleshing out all of the stats better and provide real world measures for all your stats. Rank should be renamed Leadership as in Matrix of and used for both humans and Gears.

You've left out the rather large genre of human-piloted mecha. There's no reason why you could allow humans and intelligent or unintelligent robots to form a gestalt thus allowing a robot and a human pilot to team up or a human to control a giant robot as an extension of his own body. Your rules can implicitly handle this and some readers will want this so you should address more appropriately.

Your robot rules should be fully usable as more general vehicle rules. Try using your rules to emulate a variety of modern vehicles and see if it works.

To be complete the rules should be able to handle things like car races and airplane dogfights whether the opponents are robots or humans piloting vehicles. You gave too much space to animal forms relative to the space you spent on vehicle forms. Who's going to play a rabbit-bot anyway? Since your audience will most likely play robots that transform into vehicles you need to address this aspect of the game much more fully.

Jared Hayter said:. Destriarch Sane Studios. I'm afraid I agree with Jared about the animals table, not so much because I think it's too long but because I think you could easily cut it down in size by grouping certain animal types together. Perhaps rating them by their size and giving bonuses based on their mass might work? I'd particularly take issue with the insects section of the table; are we talking about insects that are the SIZE of insects, or giant insects the size of, say, horses here?

Either way I think there's going to be some severe discrepencies Ash. Destriarch said:. I stumbled across this recently while trying to find a RPG that relates to Transformers. Although this game is in its early stages, it does show promise. I can easily manipulate this game to serve my purposes and I am currently working on a "Transformers" addendum to this game.

It mostly includes variants on size added 2 more scales and adjusted the charts accordingly and many Transformer specific Advantages. I'd be happy to share these "house rules" with anyone if they are interested.

I think this game, once properly play tested and fleshed out, could easily become one of my favorites for two reason: It's simple and it's giant robots battling it out. Well I'm still working out the details, but the most drastic change I made was to the Scale values. I added a Large and Huge Scale which can be purchaced as an advantage.

Thus the Maximals and Predacons were born. Only those Robots of Human and Robot Scale may take this advantage. This weapon is only accessible in this mode. A fusion of metal and flesh, these forms often cause the character to become feral if left unchecked. Your alternate form has the same spark power. All Headmasters take the Alternate form of a head and receive no stats while in this form. All Targetmasters take the Alternate form of a weapon.

The organic partner receives no stats nor has any initiative while in this form. The organic partner receives no stats while in this form. Large Scale 2 points Mark scaled stats as LG.

No human can take this advantage. Huge Scale 5 points Mark scaled stats as HG. Massive Scale 10 points Mark scaled stats as MS. GearShift has been revised again.

Now it includes rough descriptions of what given stats are now decribed as, as well as additional scale rules, including overlap as it pertains to Strength. Attributes are renamed Traits, yet stats stay as stats. Non-combat rules have always existed, but I am working on specific examples of what would count as situations for non-combat.

I am still working on trying to figure out what kind of non-combat is worth putting in that doesn't seem blatantly obvious and thus wasteful of page space which is a problem when you are trying to write simple rules.

I have also toned down the footnotes. I have to thank Stu Anderson for the additional scales. I actually changed my scale "heights" to adjust for the size differences in the original G1 Season 1 cast. I had the Mini-bots Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, etc. It rose in 15' foot increments from there. However, after looking at your new scales, I see they actually work a little better and I will be adjusting my house Advantages to fit these new Scale classes.

Let me look over the revised rules and I'll get back to you with my own revised house rules. You must log in or register to reply here. Jessica Wardman, longtime forum member Snoopy, passed away last week. She's been a valued part of the RPGnet community since , and will be dearly missed. Top Bottom.


[GearShift] Now with more need for examination (and possibly playtesting)



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