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Sales' Skype Technician's Skype. Since Hisilicon products are high quality and affordable, Hisilicon SoCs are mainly targeted to middle and low-end market. It's the core engine of your H. These features enable the Hi to provide high-quality images. In addition, the Hi integrates various peripheral interfaces to meet differentiated customer requirements for functionality, features, and image quality, while reducing the eBOM cost. With the embedded high-performance dual-core A9 processor, H codec engine supporting a maximum of 5-channel p real-time codec complying with multiple protocols , and dedicated TOE network acceleration module, the Hi meets the rising demand for HD and network applications.

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Based on this platform, customers can immediately begin to evaluate and test the hardware performance of Hi35xx series processors and start the software and hardware development and debugging of network video surveillance communication products IP-Camera, DVR, NVR based on this processor platform.

Technical support services to help customers solve problems encountered in the design, development implementation process. Hi35xx evaluation and development of Demo single board. Sensor board or Camera module. These customized optimization processor, able to meet the current development trend of video surveillance industry bring high-definition, networked, intelligent and integrated in terms of performance, high image quality, low bit rate, low power consumption and cost of the stringent requirements, continue to lead the industry level, has been widely used in the industry manufacturers.

The Hi35xx documentation, please visit Hi35xx series of network video SoC processor page. Its support Hi35xx chip SDK development, application software development and operation. After the board encodes the audio and video signals, the code is transmitted to the network or stored on a local SATA hard disk, and can also be decoded and displayed by itself. Through Email, telephone, QQ and remote assistance, we provide the whole process of hardware and software support for product development, so as to solve the problems encountered by customers in the development process.

TravelLinux-Tech provide comprehensive technical support and development tools services for the Hi35xx series processors, help system equipment manufacturers to achieve product design innovation.

Can you help me? I am a manufacturer and supplier of positioning equipment in Vietnam I want to develop the field of integrated GPS camera I have looked online and found that you are providing open source for DVR Module using Hi chip I want to buy the entire open part for this chip including: — Open Linux operating system for Hi chip — Control protocol and data transmission on network port — The basic design circuit used for this Hi Chip Including all the input and output ports — Toolkit for controlling and loading Fimware — Demo software — tes software The goal is that I can master the control software and the hardware let me integrate into my GPS product We hope for your return.

My mame Phi Can you please send me the software and hardware details for the Hi? What is the price? Can you send me the full file directory details, does it include source code? Onvif source code? English documentation is preferred. I need full specifictions. Thanks in advance. Please contact us by email to submit your request. Email: travellinux qq. Can you help me please? Best Regards. I have based DVR and desire to reset lost password to factory.

Will provide more info if required. Our company are specialized in making different kinds of connectors,such as orbital junction terminals,screw junction terminals, spring types connectors,plug-out terminal and so on. The core competance is that we can also supply the product design, mould development,injection assembly and package service.

If your company would like to find a high quality OEM supplier with competitive price, please feel free to contact with me. Zhejiang Derks Electrical Co. Fu vip. How you can help us? Also how we should do if we want to use your service for design a new DVR product and deliver all documents and sources to us Regards. Sorry for the inconvenience. Are the functionalities of the Hi available in the Hi chip? Thank you. Of course, it also includes hiev However we do have some questions about this. Could you send us some manual, so that we can determine what it would take to get this working?

Full English version available 2. Yes, provide guidance documents and sample code to help customers develop quickly. No other tools are needed. I cant find anything of that on Hisilicon webpage. Do you know why that info is not there? Do you have some of that that you might to share? I have answered you by email.

Could you please send the SDK files? I am looking for a kit to make our own IP camera product. Could you please send me SDK files? I want to check the SDK files before I buy this kit. Could you give me the files, please? I am also interested in receiving the hisilicon hia SOC hardware and software development kits with all documentation. Hello, I am looking for the Hi software development kit, and for the documentation. I looking for Hi datasheet.

I need some informations from this documents, to be included in the collection Hi SoC. Very thanks for your help. I bought some kind of these design material for other project but they send me chinese version. So english version is so important for us How you can help us?

Hi35xx is a general term that includes several model of SOC. Can you give me information about this, If you have it and what is the price. Also one more thing, any specific API available for this Hi camera. But i didnt get a response yet. Can you please send it as soon as possible Thank you indvance Ismail Ilesanmi. We are very interested in purchasing and working with you to develop our next IP-Camera.

My team have sent you an email last Saturday. Could you please check and reply. I want to use HI35xx for a special project I would like to use it, as 4 ch p DVR and also manage some motors and lamps.

I will use Analog cameras in this project. So I need a development kit How can I buy a evaluation board and development tools. At least I need Hi35xx programming apparatus and sample codes. I wrote to Hisilicon, they said that please contact with our distributors. Your email address will not be published. Please provide more detailed requirement information, let us know to help you. Me too. Both hardware and software SDK. Please… Thank you! Hi, I want to buy a hisilicon ip camera development board, can you pls help me for quotation?

How to get SDK, please send kilplopkin gmail. Please let us know. Hi Purchasing Department Manager: Good day! I want to evaluate your products so please tell me how i can? Best regards, ThanhLe. Is the SDK and manual in english? And are there some software samples included? So I post it again.. Hello, I am looking for the Hi Where can I get help? Thank you! Your question has been answered by email. Please check it carefully. I have been looking for reference board for developing my own product.

I make smart farming system. How can I get your product? Please answer me :. Could you please reply as soon as possible. Best Regards,. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


NVR/DVR Hisilicon Solution: Hi3536, Hi3531, Hi3521, Hi3520D



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