Aloma, Merling K. Daniel el Profeta Mesinico. Asocciation, Review and Herald Publishing. Seven-day Adventist Answer Questions on Doctrine. Washington, D.

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. Richard M. Edited books. Save to Library. Book of Daniel , Book of Revelation , and Seventh-day adventist theology.

Christology , Ellen G. Edited books as associate editor. Hector O. Mora, editores. Elena G. White , and 2 more Seventh-day adventist theology and Adventist Studies Seventh-day adventist theology and Adventist Studies. Academic Journals. First, it seeks to determine what hermeneutics is.

Here we briefly discuss whether or not hermeneutics in general is necessary and whether or not a particular biblical hermeneutics is needed. Second, it identifies the relationship between hermeneutics and presuppositions. Third, it presents some challenges and contemporary issues concerning biblical hermeneutics. Fourth, it highlights the significance of choosing a biblical method and it shows what the steps are for interpreting the Bible.

Tercero, revisa los Finalmente, presenta el modo de cumplimiento enfocado en el reino de Dios. Biblical Interpretation , Book of Revelation , and Apocalipsis. Biblical Interpretation and Ellen G. Book of Revelation. Marriage and Divorce , Cohabitation , and Marriage History. Biblical Studies and Biblical Theology.

Seventh-day Adventist history , Ellen G. Ellen G. Food and Nutrition , Vegetarianism , and Leviticus. The Book of Daniel and Seventh-day adventist theology.

Davidson y Edgard A. Alvaro F. Michael W. Campbell, Cristian S. Gonzales y Abner F. Mora, eds. Bible , Seventh-day Adventist history , Ellen G. White , Seventh-day adventist theology , and Adventist Studies. Translated books. Reinaldo W. Siqueira y Alberto R. Timm, editores. Merlin Burt, editor. Seventh-day Adventist history , Seventh-day adventist theology , and Adventist Studies. Gerhard Pfandl, editor.

Millones de adventistas alrededor del mundo han sido bendecidos por los libros del Dr. Peckham, editores. The second coming of Christ has been the topic galvanizing the establishment and identity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It remains the one true center of our eschatology, and the blessed hope of our lives. However, for a people so However, for a people so inspired by the divine solution to the conflicted journey of the human race, the fact remains that we may not always agree on how this knowledge should influence the lives of end-time believers. Could it be that our desire to live a holy life is displacing the joy of the gospel in our experience? This book will help us understand the different positions regarding Christian living in the end time, the historical development of Adventist thought about this topic, and the theological issues involved.

Seventh-day Adventist history and Seventh-day adventist theology. Edgard A. Horna y Richard M. Davidson, editors. Eschatology and Apocalypticism , Christology , Apocalyptic Eschatology , Biblical Theology , Eschatology , and 2 more Seventh-day adventist theology and Armageddon Seventh-day adventist theology and Armageddon.

Roy E. Graf, Alvaro F. Clinton Wahlen, editor. This book examines what it means to be human, the nature of death, hell, and human destiny, from biblical and theological perspectives.

View on adventistbiblicalresearch. Artur A. Stele, editor. Ekkehardt Mueller, Lo que es, y lo que somos: Un real sacerdocio. Horna, editores. Denis Fortin, Abner F. White , Seventh Day Adventists , and Seventh-day adventist theology. White , and Seventh-day adventist theology.

Seth J. Ronald M. Springett y Ekkehardt Mueller, La homosexualidad en la historia y en la Biblia. Ekkehardt Mueller y Richard M. Jon Paulien y Hans K. Throughout the four Gospels, Jesus Throughout the four Gospels, Jesus introduced new ways of reading the Old Testament. Coming from the Father, Jesus was essentially the author of the Old Testament, and therefore the appropriate interpreter. Dwight K. Independientemente de su Ekkehardt Mueller, Homosexualismo, la Biblia y la iglesia.

Elias Brasil de Souza, editor. Ekkehardt Mueller. Pautas para interpretar las Escrituras, ed. He brings compelling evidence that it is not enough to only He brings compelling evidence that it is not enough to only read the biblical text; it is necessary to properly explain it Luke ; Rom Biblical hermeneutics is a science as well as a holy art, and in this tiny publication rules and methodology for the exposition of the biblical material are explained from the consistent Adventist perspective.

Main principles are illustrated by various examples and demonstrated in an easy step by step format. Mueller should be commended for putting together this pertinent resource, which is an indispensable tool for every pastor who wants to know how to properly, meaningfully, and accurately interpret the Holy Scriptures. Articles translated into Spanish. The author makes an exegesis of The author makes an exegesis of the texts that mention the period and outlines his theology.

This allows him to conclude that the historicist position of the days is, in essence, exegetically defensible. At the same he suggests additional areas of study in this field. This is the second part of a series of three articles where the author examines the issue of justification by faith with emphasis on the Old Testament perspective.


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