L and marks Photo graphy The LXD75 -Series telescopes reveal nature in an ever-exp and ing level of detail. Saturn from a distance of million miles. Focus beyond the Solar System and. Meade LXD75 -.

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Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Instruction Manual. Table of Contents. Meade instruments telescopes instruction manual lxd55 64 pages. Telescope Meade LX90 Instruction Manual 8" schmidt-cassegrain telescope autostar lnt smartfinder 60 pages. Multi-mount telescope system with astronomer inside 72 pages. Patent Office and in principal countries throughout the world.

See Fig. For a close up of the refractor focuser assembly, see Fig. Eyepiece Thumbscrew Cradle Assembly 2. Eyepiece Holder Autostar Handbox 3. Eyepiece Cradle Ring Lock Knobs 4. Page 6 Observe the feather structure of an eagle from 50 yards or study the rings of the plan- et Saturn from a distance of million miles. Focus beyond the Solar System and observe majestic nebulae, ancient star clusters, and remote galaxies. Meade Series telescopes are instruments fully capable of growing with your interest and can meet the requirements of the most demanding advanced observer.

Page 7 D. Dec Port: Plug the coil cord from the Dec. At club meetings, you will meet other astronomy and Meade enthusiasts with whom you will be able to share your discoveries. Clubs are an excellent way to learn more about observing the sky, to find out where the best observing sites are, and to compare notes about telescopes, eyepieces, filters, tripods, and so forth. Page 9: Autostar Features Take a guided tour of the best celestial objects to view on any given night of the year.

Download the latest satellite data and software revisions directly from the Meade website www. Access a glossary of astronomical terms. While the telescope is slewing, the operation may be abort- ed at any time by pressing any key except GO TO.

Page Getting Started Safety Fig. The assembly is shipped in separate boxes. Telescope Assembly Equatorial mount with polar alignment finder Heavy duty, adjustable aluminum tripod with leg braces, three tripod leg lock Page 12 When the pointer points at your latitude, tighten both screws until they make contact with the mount.

At your observing site, set up the telescope assembly so that the tripod leg below the Fine Azimuth Control Knobs 27, Fig. Balancing the Telescope In order for the telescope to be stable on the tripod and also for it to move smoothly, it must be balanced. To balance the telescope, unlock the Right Ascension or R. Page Aligning The Viewfinder 9, page In order for the viewfinder to be useful, it must be aligned to the main telescope, so that both the viewfinder and telescope's optical tube 10, Fig.

To calculate eyepiece power, divide the telescope's focal length by the eyepiece's focal length. For example, a 26mm eyepiece is supplied with the LXDSeries. Press the Arrow keys 5, Fig. You can move the telescope at different speeds. Observe the Moon Point your telescope at the Moon note that the Moon is not visible every night. Use your EC handbox or Autostar to practice using the Arrow keys and the slew speeds to view different features.

Make sure that the telescope is assembled correctly, and that the batteries are installed as described previously. Then re-tighten the locks. Page Easy Alignment This is another Center your target object using the Arrow The telescope slews and "Press until it is centered" displays.

Press the Up Arrow Note: Three other align- Press GO TO. You may need to use the Arrow keys to center Saturn precisely in the eye- piece. Autostar then automatically slews moves the telescope so that it tracks Saturn or whatever other object you may have chosen. Press GO TO a second time to slew the telescope to that star.

Use the Scroll keys to cycle through the list of stars in the constellation, from brightest to dimmest. Page Event Menu Meade Moon's shadow.

Use the Scroll Up and Down keys to display the available data. See Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at Lunar Eclipse lists upcoming Lunar Eclipses, including the date and type total, par- tial, penumbral of eclipse.

Page Setup Menu Cord Wrap moves the telescope in such a way as to prevent the cords and cables attached to your telescope assembly from getting wound around the assembly and tan- gled as the telescope slews to objects. This menu is set to "On" and cannot be changed by the user. Page 29 Arrow keys move the telescope along the azimuth or R.

At that point the telescope has a high precision alignment to that part of the sky and it then slews to the object that was originally requested. You can download the latest software revisions, links to other astronomical sites, coordinates of celestial objects and the latest satellite tracking information for your Autostar handset. Page Useful Autostar Features If you plan to observe using Autostar at different geographic locations, you can store up to six observation sites in Autostar's memory to help simplify your telescope setup.

Page Observing Satellites Satellite orbits change and new satellites including the Space Shuttle are launched. Visit the Meade website www. If orbital parameters are more than one month old, the satellite pass may not happen at the time predicted by Autostar.

If you wish to add more landmarks, repeat steps 5 through 7. To Select a landmark from the database Make sure the telescope is located and aligned exactly as when the desired land- mark was entered into memory. Display the "Landmark: Select" menu option. Page Optional Accessories A wide assortment of professional Meade accessories is available for the telescope models. The premium quality of these accessories is well-suited to the qual- ity of the instrument itself.

Consult the Meade General Catalog for complete details on these and other accessories. Page 38 Moon and planets. Each filter threads into the barrel of any Meade 1. Meade filters are available in 12 colors for lunar and planetary appli- cations, and in Neutral Density as a lunar glare-reduction filter.

All other rear cell accessories may then be thread- ed to the 1A filter. Page Maintenance And Collimation Do not, how- ever, wipe any of the optical surfaces. Rather, simply allow the telescope to sit for some time in the warm indoor air, so that the wet optical surfaces can dry unat- tended. Page 41 1. Observe through the focuser and orient your body so that the telescope's primary mirror is to your right, and the correcting plate end of the telescope tube is to your left.

The diagonal mirror will appear centered as shown 2, Fig. If the diagonal appears off center, then adjust the 4 collimation screws on the plastic diagonal mirror housing. Page 42 As part of final optical testing, every Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain is precisely colli- mated at the Meade factory before shipment. However, vibrations in shipping can cause the optical system to become misaligned. Re-aligning the optics is, however, a straightforward process. Page 43 At this point, look at the front of the telescope where your finger is aiming.

It will either be pointing directly at a set screw, or it will be between two set screws aiming at the set screw on the far side of the black plastic secondary mirror sup- port. Page 44 34 ; secondary mirror-vanes 4, Fig. Confirm alignment - To confirm optical alignment look down the focuser draw- tube 1, Fig.

Page 45 Fig. Page Specifications Optical design Schmidt-Newtonian Clear aperture Die-cast aluminum Input Voltage German-type equatorial mount Slew Speeds SN 1x sidereal to 4. Variable-height field tripod Page 47 Clear aperture Page 48 Clear aperture


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