The Adamantine Arrow respects two relationships: student and teacher, and commander and subordinate. A mage with no or little one-dot Status in the order, but who has been received into it, also called neophyte. Famuli singular famulus of the Adamantine Arrow form the backbone of the order. Rising higher in Status than First Talon requires a great deal of dedication to or ambition for the order itself, and Arrows have other concerns splitting their attention — Sleeper relations, protecting the Consilium, their cabals, their pupils, their mentors and so on. An Arrow might comfortably remain within his duties as a First Talon his entire Awakened life, and suffer no stigma from his order because of it. Preparation is the key to victory, so the order enshrines this principle in the rank of Thunderbolt Guardian.

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Email Address:. To try to make up for it, spoilers will continue until morale improves. First, some music with a very appropriate video, courtesy of the Glitch Mob. You can read that post, and the first draft of the Free Council, here. That book — like its counterparts for the other Pentacle Orders — really laid a lot of the ground work, such that you should be able to read it with Second Edition eyes and see the same faction being described.

All Arrow are willing to fight, save for the Vidantus Heretics shunned for their pacifism, but almost anything can be a battlefield with the right mindset. Put simply, I wanted an Arrow where a lawyer is just as valid a character as a knight, and I think Neall Raemonn Price, long-suffering Scion Developer and oft-fired freelancer, has delivered. Effect: Your character has studied extensively in the Adamantine Arrow martial arts.

This allows her to use combat techniques as Yantras for instant spells. When taking this Merit, choose Athletics, Weaponry, or Brawl, which your character must have three or more dots in.

This Merit allows use of that Skill in combat as a reflexive Order Tool Yantra, adding dice to a spell cast on subsequent turns, or to a spell cast reflexively in the same turn as the combat action.

You may purchase this Merit multiple times to reflect the other styles. Subjects may not apply their Defense against your Aimed Spell rolls unless they use a Supernatural power that allows them to use Defense against firearms.

And, without further preamble, here is a link to the current draft of the Adamantine Arrow. And while I can totally see the logic of omitting firearms as a valid skill, a part of me remains disapointed.

Reflexive spells are still pretty rare, as they were in first ed, and we have firmer guidelines around them. The Adamant Hand is looking pretty cool. I do not know why for the life of me why I wrote the name of their trademark merit instead of the order name.

I like the simplified Adamantine Hand, the old one was a bit cumbersome. It does what it needs to do, give the Arrows an edge on magical combat punch you hard in the face, I get to heal better next turn. Mages can use more than one Yantra, but have to spend a turn on each one.

So, mages cannot attack with Brawl or Weaponry as well as cast a spell in the same turn? Rather, the merit allows mages to employ the Yantra while also engaging in combat until the turn when spell is cast, while other mages cannot do anything other thab build there Yantras during their turn? Adding a Yantra beyond the first, I think? All of the Orders think of themselves as being noble and enlightened, when many of their members are as trapped by the Lie as any Sleeper. Their failure to uphold their own dogma creates amazing opportunities for stories and characters.

The document mentions that after , the Arrow decided to never again fight for a side in a war based on temporal ideals, but it says the reasons where because of the scale of the conflict, and the lack of purpose. Does this mean WWII was seen as especially divorced from Supernal concerns, relative to earlier conflicts? Prior to their Great Caucus, the Arrow would enthusiastically Oath themselves to the protection of Sleeper societies much like modern Arrow take on roles like Banner Warden and Sentinel to protect and champion Awakened institutions.

Their reorganization decided that it was okay for a mage to be invested in a Sleeper institution, but Oaths of service are reserved for the Awakened. Why should an Obrimos who wants to be handy with thunderbolts have to pick up Time and Firearms? Firearms is already one of the two skills necessary to aim combat spells along with Athletics , and would hardly be something outside the wheelhouse of many combat-trained Obrimos or other Paths , no less at only two dots.

Similarly, Time 1 is thematically appropriate and reasonable for this very advantageous ability. Great preview! I love how the write up shows how the Adamantine Arrow has changed over time. Yuri is borderline Arrow and Praetorian. While I agree that the Hubris sections are a great touch, the word itself gets thrown around too much in the text.

The Arrow seems more inclusive than before while retaining its warrior bent. Hubris is one of the core themes of the game, though, so it seems natural that it comes up a lot. I doubt any of the devs are part of a secret Bronie indoctrination scheme. Growth through challenge and struggle are not exclusive to war. Thyrsos powerlifter, anybody?

But yeah, the whole mental illness thing does tie in really nicely with Mastigos. The entire philosophy is designed to define by breaking things down into their atomic parts and looking at the border areas where one thing becomes another. But people just ignore that, and point out all the neat fitey things that Arrows get.

Yes, Arrows fight. They see the conflicts in the world, and understanding is enough to learn mastery over a thing. Please, please play up the Sage aspects, and downplay the Marines With Magic bits. Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path. To reiterate what I said in that post, our goals when describing the Orders this time out were; Increase the sense of historicity, relative to first edition.

Reject the Tier system. Develop the Free Council as a viable sect. Show more mages living outside the Orders, but make it clear that they have numerous disadvantages. Display internal variation. Portray the Pentacle as an Alliance. Let Sleepers glimpse the Orders.

Let Sleepwalkers and Proximi in. Show the Orders as mystery cults. The Orders have flaws. Adamantine Arrow Preview And, without further preamble, here is a link to the current draft of the Adamantine Arrow.

I have an odd relationship with the Arrows. I am wary of reflexive spellcasting as its seems like there would be potential exploits. My god those Merits though. Me like. Worth a shot, right? Also, going back to the order themes, how many MLP jokes have there been? Why reject the Tier System? Is the Fast Spells Merit granting an attainment?

Glitch Mob is fantastic. Otherwise I agree, this looks great. I now have the image of an Acanthus slinging curses from his guns. Search for:.


Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Email Address:. To try to make up for it, spoilers will continue until morale improves. First, some music with a very appropriate video, courtesy of the Glitch Mob. You can read that post, and the first draft of the Free Council, here.


Adamantine Arrow Titles

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Adamantine Arrow

Through conflict one purges weakness and becomes greater than one could imagine. Claiming descent from the Ungula Draconis or "Claw of the Dragon" of Atlantis , members of the Adamantine Arrow say that their Order arose from the Exiles who protected the shards of fallen Atlantis. Carrying both weapons that brought death and instruments that created life. Members of the Adamantine arrow follow the Adamant Way which encourages strength and adaptability. The name " Adamantine " refers to the durability of the order's resolve and illustrious shine of their honor. The Adamantine Arrow is assured of its roots in Atlantis, but it does not claim any particular historical event as its own. Instead, it champions the common virtues of warriors from many cultures.

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