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Thought it would be nice to have at least 1 way of making electricity with all these projects here. The idea it to use 2 electromotors to create electricity. The Prime mover, tuned to use a low Amp, and the mechanical work for the "alternator". Many files and information bits can be found online. But let me give you the basic idea of it. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Hector has publicly released information on the RV makingn it open source.

The following RV method plus any additional open source circuits mentioned in the compilations on this page all fall under a statutory public copyright other rights apply. The RV is a scientific discovery and is covered by the publication statutory copyrights for 75 years. The Roto conversion effect is credited to its improver's and to those who have done independent replications.

The engineers mentioned in the compilations on this page have all worked on the RV with the intent to keep the disclosures open source FREE. For a current list and credits of the engineers and dates please refer to the compilations lised. This presentation is intended to support Panacea's open source RV communities.

Hector is currently working together with open source engineers. The replication of the RV was done by Panacea as a non profit gesture to provide the public with energy saving awareness and applications for an environmental benefit.

Plus for the evaluation of the device regarding ZPE research and development. Panacea contributing non profit open source RV engineers have recently compiled the following RV course material on the Roto Verter. For construction details please consult the following technical compilation.

Panacea has also installed this technology on a farm. The following is a segment taken from The Panacea Farm conversion. In the following video Panacea donated a Drill to the farm too use. Wehn compared to the Drill bieng used onthe farm, the RV saved significant energy. The Panacea Farm Conversion - The Roto Verter Segment The RV is an alternative energy device which is currently being utilized by open source engineers around the world in energy saving applications, and to transform and understand ZPE when configured in looped self running mode mode.

Please consult the Panacea university document and support the inventor. Panacea-BOCAF intends to collect grant support for the inventor and the open source engineers who have made it possible for this awareness to reach the public. Baldor motors and drives Australia have also sponsored Panacea and have generously donated two free motors towards helping to saving the planet. The RV's energy savings applications will save the public energy and money.

Please consult this Panacea promotional press release for further details The following presentation on the RV will be divided into two separate sections. Background - Hector has explained to us that in order to acheive the extraction of ZPE zero point energy and to be able to self run the RV, a prior understanding and experience from using the RV in an energy saving power management application is vital.

The energy saving RV configuration proves that currently 1HP horse power electric motors waste energy by their inefficient configuration and that as a result, the ability to engineer a ZPE transformation is thus out of reach.

Technically the RV is explained by the Roto-conversion: A Way to operate a motor at Hi impedances with a lower reflective power loss at idle mode.

Below is two three phase motors configured to run in RV mode. Several versions of these configurations are presently on the R and D design board.

There have been reports of various individuals who have converted the captured reactive power back into a usable form of energy.

These individuals and methods are listed in the technical compilations as a point of reference. To date none of these referenced methods have made it into public hands. Also none of these methods have been given to the public open source. The only method which has ever made it into public hands is the open source process disclosed by Hector. This is by using the RV's unique power management teachings and principles.

At this stage the training starts with the application of the RV in energy savings applications. This is then able lead to a higher power amplification understanding tunning. This must be understood and experimented in steps. This will play a major role in enabling this technology to be developed further and owned by the public.

This cannot be patented. Once perfected and developed the RV technology is public free energy. Reports given to us stated that through independent replications the RV has showed potential for energy transformation principles towards over unity research and development. These Include, magnetic amplification, radiant energy and stochastic resonance zero point energy.

As you can conceive this shows premise for further investigation into running motors and generators in RV mode. The RV is being used to develop and understand zero point energy when configured to operate in looped or self running mode. The RV looped schematic was specifically given open source by Hector to thwart any cartels from patenting and or suppressing it. Hector has disclosed this method publicly on the internet for all to perfect and replicate. Hector states that the RV Looped systems are possible and are in need of further lab testing in order to be perfected.

Technically Hector describes this concept as possible by simply using non reflective fractional resonant power extraction or ballun compensated direct tensor loading. Additionally the open source engineers working with Panacea are testing other circuits and design concepts which incorporate certain power switching circuits to helpmake this EXCESS energy extractable and usable.

This looped sequence involves transformers unseen in the picture above which represents the down grading of voltage from the generators resonating circulating output current.

Hector also describes the closed loop as being achieved from the impedance matching amplitude of the resonant generators output elements relative to the batteries input amperage. A reminder for those wishing to evaluate the schematic, the looped ZPE plans are available in the Panacea university course compilation provided above. The issue of a successful replication of the looped design is however complicated.

So far to achieve this advanced level, Hector is in need of grants and to also be recruited into an R and D environment to offer this education, and, follow through with the RV's public disclosure. Plus security is also needed from the political and economic conditions which Panacea can provide in the Panacea proposed granted research and development center.

Recently at the end of two enigneer's known to Panacea successfully looped the RV and encounted interference. Hector's original concept has since has been improved with a dual battery switching concept and with many other modifications. It is advanced R and D, brand new and very difficult for the first timer to grasp and replicate.

This is why we need to recruit Hector and all the open source engineers working on the RV technology into the Panacea proposed granted research and development center where we the public can provide grant support and SAFTY for this research.

Only through open source technology disclosures can this technology reach the public to capacity and allow green energy technology to operate and stay UN suppressed. Hector is a very underrated and talented open source energy engineer who has contributed the disclosure of the RV for public education. The RV engineers working with Hector have showed far advanced energy saving applications and the potential the RV has to operate in an over unity condition.

Hector has also has developed far advanced Zero point energy user systems Z. Another device given open source by Hector for research and development of ZPE is the Trans-verter device shown below.

This is a solid state version no moving parts of the RV comprising capacitors and a three phase transformer. This device has been replicated independently by the RV engineers. This is another device like the RV which has demonstrated potencial over unity efficiency and is needing further study to extract the power in a condition which is non reflective to the source.

Here is a technical and instructional compilation. Trans-Verter research and development The research and development of the RV has been extended and perfected by open source engineers known to Panacea-BOCAF, many improvements and potential are shown in the technical compilation mentioned on this page. We must state again that to reach the capacity this research and development has, the RV and engineers known to Panacea- BOCAF need to make it into a resourced backed granted environment, where their disclosures can be secured into public knowledge and perfected.

The RV can also be applied into cogeneration roles with certain expired energy patents which the public can also benefit from. To date certain expired patents are able be fused with the RV. Many generators can be adopted to the RV prime mover and run in RV mode for high efficiency use as Norman Wootan proved in his replicated test. Further technical details of this are contained in the compilations mentioned on this page.

Hector plans to experiment with the Ekhlin brown patent as a generator attached to the RV. Further technical detail are contained in the compilations mentioned on this page. The expired patent can be built and tested with the RV and publicly disclosed and owned. To date an open sourced team member of Panacea is working to perfect this RV-Rogers co-generation, but is under resourced and lacks the time needed and money to complete the project.

In the centre this will be resolved. The RV can act as a power source to drive the air compressor with the aid of solar cogeneration making an efficient and faster solar car. This design is needs proper granted resources to be built and tested.

Also Hector has designed RV vortex co-generation energy technology based on Victor Schauberger's ideas which also require testing. Hector has also described a water injected diesel conversion concept but needs resources to perfect. Hector and many other engineers who are experienced in this alternative energy field are ready and willing to contribute in the public granted research and development centre.

Another prolific engineer, researcher and builder who has gathered brother hood with Hector is Doug Cozen. Doug has been involved in the open source alternative and suppressed energy technology genre for a long time and has attracted an advanced perceptive communal community of researchers and engineers devoted to the same goals of freedom, and OPEN SOURCE free energy.

These various communities of open source engineers collaborate on the internet at the yahoo discussion group called EVGRAY. This group is moderated by Doug who has made a variety of energy recovery systems over the years and continues to advance at an alarming rate.

A reminder to please refer to the Panacea university RV document for more detail. The following will be a basic summery of the results, for complete technical detail please refer to the technical E-books listed in the introduction. Energy savings. By Using a 50 hertz RV in a.

Here is an exmaple done by "ray0energy" showing how low the RV idle current draw can be.


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