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You have been in Germany for a while. You saw that great deal on a new car and decided to go for it. Now you just need to sell your old car right? Well, if you are lucky, another American will buy it. The short answer is yes, you can generally sell any car you own to a German national.

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Army Europe-plated vehicle to a non-ID cardholder in Germany. Failure to get the permit could mean a hefty tax demand from German Customs. This applies even if the vehicle was wrecked in an accident and you did not receive any money for it, he added.

If you do not obtain this permit, you will eventually fail to clear vehicle registration when it is time to PCS. Customs authorities also may require you to prove what happened to the vehicle. If you cannot show what happened to the vehicle, you may be identified in a Military Police report and subject to disciplinary action. You may also have to pay a hefty tax demand based upon the value of the vehicle in addition to possible fines and penalties from German customs authorities.

Forces Customs Office serving your garrison. More information on selling personal property in Germany the right way is available online at www. Forces Customs Office. Designed by. Features Customs clearance vital when selling car in Germany February 27, Gas prices. Exchange Rates. Contact Us Advertise With Us. Army Europe U. Army U. Europe Command U. Africa Command. All Rights Reserved. Tax Time: Wiesbaden center opens to offer free filing assistance The center will be open until June, but it is


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Okay, so a while back you arrived in Schweinfurt. Maybe you bought a beater for a few thousand bucks. Or maybe you took advantage of the overseas price incentives and purchased something new at a local dealership. Of course, you may have had ole Betsy shipped here. Regardless, you got your set of wheels and were off exploring Europe. Now, fast forward to the present.


Can I Sell My Car to a German?

Wiesbaden, Germany Feb. Failure to get the permit could lead to serious complications with German customs authorities. Army Customs Agency — Europe. This applies even if you received no money for the vehicle, for example, if it was wrecked in an accident, he added. If you do not obtain this permit, you will eventually fail to clear vehicle registration when it is time to PCS. Customs authorities will require you to prove what happened to the vehicle.


The cookies used on this website are used for the technical provision and optimisation of the website. Privacy statement. On the following pages you can find information on technical issues such as browser compatibility or downloading files, as well as hints on how to use the forms and regulations. Locate the German customs office that has competence in the matter concerning you, including opening hours and contact details, in the Customs Office List COL provided on-line by the European Commission. Your search item. Where goods that have been acquired free of tax and duty by a member of the armed forces are to be transferred or sold to a non-beneficiary, they must be cleared by a customs office.

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