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Manual zz. We thank you for your choice and trust. We hope you will be fully satisfied. A few recommendations: Read the instructions before installing the device. Power the device off before intervening on it, and check the power supply voltage. Store the instructions, even after installing the device. In any other case, please call your distributor. The device is to be installed so that switches and other controls cannot be touched by a person in the bath or shower, except in the UK where IEE Regulations These allow the use of IP24 rated products and their integral controls in Zone 2 and ouside zones.

Prick out the four drill holes though the packaging without drilling and then remove the packaging. Fit the screws with the washers provided. Check they are correctly positioned by inserting them in the sleeves, with the device. After finding the right position, tighten the screws on each pin. Tighten all the locking screws.

Fit the caps on the ends of the pins. In case of a particular stand, use appropriate pins. In damp premises, such as bathrooms and kitchens, install the connecting box at least 25cm from the ground..

If in doubt, ask the national Atlantic distributor. Do not connect the pilot wire black to ground. B Indicator light to check the operating status of your device. C Supply tap to allow inlet of hot water from the central heating. This can be thermostatically controlled or not depending on your choice. D Boiler return tap to allow the hot water to leave the central heating. Service pressure must not exceed 4 bar. The B indicator light is ON, the heating resistor incorporated in the device is supplied.

The supply tap C must be closed. The B indicator light is OFF, the heating resistor incorporated in the device is not supplied. The supply tap C must be open. If, when you open the bleeder, the water does not flow regularly, please contact your fitter. It is forbidden to leave A switch on l when the supply tap C is open.

This abnormal use causes cancellation of the warranty. The use of this device without water would lead to the definitive deterioration of the resistor. This incident would definitely require its replacement, which is not covered by the Maker's guarantee. Use of Turbo mode - Press switch , indicator light illuminates. Use on electricity for versions: - All electric with or without fan. Wait a few hours for the temperature to stabilise. If the temperature setting does not suit you, adjust it using the adjusting screw.

Proceed stepby-step using the notches one notch at a time. It is possible that the heating indicator may not react instantaneously, but instead only on the next thermostat cycle.

In order to do this, press the command again. NB: For piloted devices, only the heating stop and frost setting instructions are prioritised when TURBO mode is activated the other instructions are inoperative. It is possible to lock the knob or restrict its use, preventing untimely handling of the device children…. If you live for less than 24 Lower the temperature. If you live for more than 24 Set the temperature knob to hours or during summer IN.

Call your electrician to ensure its replacement. The heating device heats constantly - Check that the device is not located in a draft or that the temperature setting has not been altered. The last elements top and - At the top, the upper elements are not completely filled to allow for bottom are cooler than the expansion of the thermodynamic fluid. They heat up only by conducrest of the device tion.

The maxihot. Proceed to clean them if necessary refer to the Filter paragraph. In this case, fan stoppage is normal. Just wait for the ambient temperature to drop before reusing the Turbo mode. Do not use abrasive products. The fan is fitted with an antidust filter which, when clogged, can result in its stoppage lit on the device. GB For better use, clean your filter regularly, according to the following instructions: Red indicator Power off the heating.

Extract the filter from the back of the machine. Clean the filter. Refit the filter. Wait 10 minutes before restarting the heating. Restart the heating. If there is any risk, fit a protective grill in front of the device. Allure - Vita Habitat. NaviPass Bluetooth - Atlantic Prescription. Notice - LabelHabitation. Nous vous remercions de votre choix et de votre confiance Nefertiti 2.

Zanzibar - Atlantic. Allure 2 - Thermor. Notice allure classique etroit w thermor. Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


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