Anima is a tabletop role-playing franchise developed by Anima Game Studio. Additionally, the world of Anima combines those elements with traditional Western fantasy ones, such as magic and medieval arms. The tabletop role-playing game that started the franchise was originally published by Edge Entertainment in in Spain. Although the English translation was originally slated for an August release, multiple release dates came and went without the game being released. The publisher's website told of a September release. Gen-Con Indy saw the initial release, followed by a full release on October

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Hello everyone. It is based on the Core Exxet iteration of the rules the most recent. Some selections were broken by the recent changes initial weapon, martial art, natural bonuses They are fine now. Very nicely tuned.

I like this, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. But I have a question Becuase I do not have access to the internet at all times and I would love to see this implemented in a way that both GMs and players can utilize at ALL times. It already is! You can save the webpage locally and access it offline and it will work minus, obviousl, the access to the character server.

A nice update: now you can equip weapons, armors and helms and see their stats. You don't "need" the Gift for the Magic advantages. Like for if you are playing a Summoner. The Gift is not needed, but Magic Recovery and such would be useful.

Actually, you need it. That's why in Arcana Exxet there's a "lesser gift" advantage, more useful for summoners.

You can't buy a magic advantage without the gift, you can't buy a psychic advantage without access to psychic powers. LAter, or metamagic spheres or the update of ki effects and techniques from Dominus Exxet. Quick but big for me update: Ki techniques rules have been updated to match those in Dominus Exxet. I eagerly await metamagic sphere and sub-paths. Sorry if that sounded pushy. Just expressing a preference. They are coming. Initially I planned to to the books sequentially, but I decided it is better to implement features in importance order.

So new spell paths and metamagic are coming soon. First, a little fix in equipment to allow adding money or getting equipment free, specially after character creation , and then I'll start with Arcana Exxet. I wish i could offer my help If there is anything i can help with william just let me know. Maybe I could help with cataloging all of the abilities and power descriptions? As from what I am seeing they are still in spanish.

I haven't had any luck so far saving characters to my hard drive. Right-clicked on Download as Text File and opened in new tab; it started a fresh character with a random name. Opened a new AnimaUnico tab and tried to load that file. Choose the file to load, but nothing happened. No error message, either. Selected all and copied the text from notepad into the Carga box, then clicked Carga. Nothing happened. I looked at Tereza. I hope this helps. I hate to be too critical of free things, and I hope you find this detailed example helpful.

Second: the "download" link is very poorly supported. It should work on chrome, but it does not work well. I plan to change it or remove it, and allow saving to server or by copy and paste. Third: If you can send me the first. I must confess I am not being very strict with the saving, and some of the new features may have broke that function until I add them.

That will open the web console. Any errors found when loading will appear there. But it will be easier if you send me the file. You don't have to apologize for the criticism: it is totally valid. Also, I have changed the "copy" button in the save dialog. Hey there, just wanna say that what you're doing is awesome and you're awesome for what you do bro. I just wanna say that we really appreciate what you do!

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 22, Posted March 26, Awesome I look forward to seeing it released. Posted March 30, Posted April 13, edited. Say goodbay to all those Donobans Now that the holidays are coming, I hopw to continue at top speed. Edited April 13, by William Where. Posted April 16, Posted April 23, edited. Edited April 23, by William Where.

Posted April 25, edited. Posted May 7, Sweet keep up the good work William. Awesome stuff, William! Thank you! You've helped me find and fix three errors in my current character.

Posted May 8, Posted May 8, edited. Edited May 8, by Latoshi. Posted May 10, Metamagic Spheres added. Latoshi, I may contact you later. Thanks for the offer. Posted May 11, Good work! I went through it again from scratch. Platform: Win7. Browser: Chrome.

Clicked on Download as Text File; Nothing happened. I noticed that the text file was much smaller than the text on the Character Server, so I copied the text from the Character Server's "Tereza" into a text file Tereza2.

Posted May 12, First, a big thanks for the detailed report. That really helps a lot.


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