The author covers the philosophical and mythological nature of Kundalini; the esoteric anatomy associated with it; the study of matrass — the chakras, or psychic centers in the human body and their progressive awakening; and the yoga associated with this. Madras Ltd. Who is Kundalini, the Serpent Power? Mythologically, she is an aspect of the Shakti power or energy and consort of Shiva. Philosophically, she is the creative energy that eventually forms mind and matter, and comes to rest in the lowest form of matter. She is consciousness: the power of matter to know itself.

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Sir John George Woodroffe 15 December — 16 January , also known by his pseudonym Arthur Avalon , was a British Orientalist whose extensive and complex published works on the Tantras , and other Hindu traditions, stimulated a wide-ranging interest in Hindu philosophy and yoga.

He was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in , and in the following year was enrolled as an advocate of the Calcutta High Court. He served there for eighteen years, becoming Chief Justice in He died on 18 January in France. Alongside his judicial duties he studied Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy and was especially interested in Hindu Tantra.

He translated some twenty original Sanskrit texts and, under his pseudonym Arthur Avalon , published and lectured prolifically on Indian philosophy and a wide range of Yoga and Tantra topics. Mahadevan wrote: "By editing the original Sanskrit texts, as also by publishing essays on the different aspects of Shaktism , he showed that the religion and worship had a profound philosophy behind it, and that there was nothing irrational or obscurantist about the technique of worship it recommends.

It is a philosophically sophisticated commentary on, and translation of, the Satcakra-nirupana "Description of and Investigation into the Six Bodily Centres" of Purnananda dated c. The term "Serpent Power" refers to the kundalini , an energy said to be released within an individual by meditation techniques. Woodroffe's Garland of Letters expounds the "non-dual" advaita philosophy of Shaktism from a different starting point, the evolution of the universe from the supreme consciousness.

It is a distillation of Woodroffe's understanding of the ancient Tantric texts and the philosophy. He writes: "Creation commences by an initial movement or vibration spandana in the Cosmic Stuff, as some Western writers call it, and which in Indian parlance is Saspanda Prakriti-Sakti. Just as the nature of Cit or the Siva aspect of Brahman [Supreme Consciousness] is rest, quiescence, so that of Prakrti [matter] is movement. Prior however to manifestation, that is during dissolution Pralaya of the Universe Prakrti exists in a state of equilibrated energy It then moves The approximate sound of this movement is the mantra Om.

The name at any rate seems to hint at initiations and the possession of occult secrets. The Arthurian legends are bound up with the story of the Holy Grail and its quest. This was a symbol of esoteric wisdom, especially to Theosophists who appropriated the legend. Anyone who named himself after King Arthur or the mystic isle of Avalon would be thought to be identifying himself with occultism, in Theosophists' eyes. The work is notable for many reasons and importantly mentions four kinds of Avadhuta.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sir John Woodroffe. Calcutta , British India [1] [2]. Beausoleil, Alpes-Maritimes , France [3]. The Times. The Times Digital Archive. The Serets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga. Dover Publications NY The Garland of Letters. Illustrated edition. Source: [1] accessed: Monday 3 May , p. Mahanirvana Tantra. NuVision Publications. Source: [2] accessed: Monday 3 May , p.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Portrait by Lafayette. University College, Oxford. Lawyer ; Orientalist. Wikiquote has quotations related to: John Woodroffe.


The Serpent Power : The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga

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The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga

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