The insurrection lasted five years from to , which was the biggest, longest and costliest war during the colonial period. More than , people were killed out of a population of 2 million and the Dutch lost 8, soldiers and 7, mercenaries. The war cost 25 million Dutch guilders which depleted the treasury. In then-president Sukarno proclaimed Diponegoro a national hero.

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Phone: Fax: Email: newsroom rol. Babad Diponegoro, or Autobiographical Chronicle of Prince Diponegoro, is a beautifully written poetic masterpiece by Prince Diponegoro, who was not just a national hero but also a genius, Javanese mystic, pious Muslim, and leader of the "Holy War" against the Dutch in Java between and This is also the first ever autobiography in modern Javanese literature and shows extraordinary sensitivity towards local conditions and experiences," UNESCO stated.

The Javanese nobleman and devout Muslim had opposed the Dutch during their colonial rule. He had given up his throne and decided to fight against colonialism. The leader of the five-year struggle against the Dutch, also known as the Java War , had rallied a uniquely broad cross-section of Javanese society against the colonial state.

The Java War had inflicted the greatest loss to the Dutch on Java, with the colonial rulers losing an estimated 15 thousand soldiers and 20 million gulden. Prince Diponegoro was captured by the Dutch during a ceasefire negotiation, after which he was exiled to Sulawesi Island. The Prince wrote the autobiographical chronicle during his exile in North Sulawesi between May and February Among other things, it features the princes points of view on national and religious leadership. Komentar 0. Hary Wisnu to play saxophone for 24 hours to break world record.

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He was in Mataram on a working visit to introduce the Government Regulation No. He called on the NTB public to contact the National Library if they find any ancient manuscript that needs to be preserved. The government will compensate them if they hand over ancient manuscripts to the National Library. In view of the current situation that is less conducive at this time due to ongoing protests in Washington, D. In any emergency situation, Indonesian citizens WNI who require any consular assistance or protection may contact emergency hotline numbers at or We will be closed on June 3 — 7, in observance of Eid al-Fitr.


UNESCO recognizes 'Babad Diponegoro'

The two ancient manuscripts were included on the International Memory of the World list along with 52 other documents from all over the world. The two ancient manuscripts were included on the list along with 52 other documents from all over the world in June. The Communications and Information Ministry head of research and development division Aizirman Djusan said on Wednesday that all citizens should be proud of this news. Indonesia submitted the Nagarakretagama manuscript to the regional MOW register in It was resubmitted with Babad Diponegoro in March Written by Rakawi Prapanca, or Mpu Prapanca, on lontar leaves, Nagarakretagama contains a detailed description of the Majapahit empire during its greatest extent. The poem affirms the importance of Hindu-Buddhism in the Majapahit empire by describing temples and palaces and several accounts of religious ceremonies.

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