Bell Fibe TV officially launched on September 13, Bell began researching for a new television solution in in order to penetrate into urban markets where building owners restricted the installation of satellite dishes. Some key traits of Bell Entertainment Service were internet and TV charges being billed as one service, "White Glove" customer service and media sharing. After finalizing testing for the new IPTV service in the following years, Bell finally rolled out a contained launch in Toronto and Montreal under the "Bell Fibe TV" brand name in June followed by an official launch later that year in September. FibreOP has been rebranded as Fibe.

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Included in: Digital Advantage ,. ABC is a popular choice for entertainment, with soaps, game shows, prime-time dramas and movies. Included in: Time-Shifting. Included in: Family.

ABC Spark connects to young adult audiences with bold, original programming and immersive social engagement. Fresh, modern and fun, ABC Spark offers a mix of hit original series, fan-favourite movies and popular holiday stunt events. Included in: More Movies 2. From original animated comedies to live action programming, Adult Swim offers content that engages audiences through a bold and irreverent voice, bringing together comedy, gaming, music and live events.

Included in: Divertissement. AMC features some of the best movies from all genres and eras in addition to its broadcasts of award-winning series. Included in: Knowledge. American Heroes Channel provides a rare glimpse into major events that shaped our world, visionary leaders and unexpected heroes who made a difference. AMI-audio produces daily live programs focused on news, technology insights, community events, lifestyle issues, health and information directly affecting the blind and partially sighted community.

AMI-tv was the first channel in the world to broadcast all its content with open-format described video, in addition to closed captioning. Animal Planet delivers on its mission to keep the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive by bringing them up close to people in every way. The Maleflixxx Channel boasts top studio productions of gay male adult feature films currently in demand by viewers, scheduled based on gay male viewing habits.

Each film starts on the hour or half hour with new progamming. Its bilingual programming is varied: news, documentaries, variety shows, feature films and children's shows. Included in: Entertainment.

Included in: Discover. BBC Earth takes you on a thrilling journey of discovery, from the smallest creatures to the limitless expanse of space, creating surprising new ways to open your eyes to the amazing world we live in.

Included in: News. BBC World News is a hour news and information channel broadcasting around the world. Viewers get the story behind the headlines with in-depth analysis and cutting edge interviews.

BET is the first and only television network owned by the black community. The channel showcases a mix of culturally diverse music videos, special presentations, news and public affairs, movies, comedy and sports. BookTelevision is devoted to the world of books and more, including drama, film adaptations, news, author interviews and song lyrics. Included in: En Famille. Canal D is the French-language documentary and discovery channel.

A dynamic distraction with fascinating documentaries and magazines on hot topics. Canal Vie features a wide variety of programs on topics such as modern living, health, fitness, beauty, home decoration, parenting, gardening and money matters.

Its programming gives viewers resources and information on real estate, decorations, renovations and cooking. CASA is all about the home and the people in it!

In French. Available on demand. CBC Television provides Canadians with news and current affairs, children's programs, comedy, drama, performance and arts and sports.

Supplemented with informational programs covering business, finance, sports, entertainment and fashion. CBC Television provides Canadians with news and current affairs, children's programs, comedy, drama, performance, arts and sports.

CBS is America's most-watched television network, offering a diverse prime time line-up including news, dramas and sitcoms. Also in HD. Included in: Sports 2. CBS Sports Network is dedicated to college sports. Included in: Digital Advantage. CHCH is a Canadian channel from Ontario that features local news for Hamilton, Halton and Niagra plus a primetime line-up and hit dramas, movies and popular news magazine shows.

Citytv offers local, urban-oriented and culturally diverse content as well as an entertaining mix of Canadian and U. Citytv Vancouver broadcasts local, urban and culturally-diverse television, popular hit shows, blockbuster movies and breaking news. CMT Canada is the home of funny, lighthearted programming that offers a mix of hit comedies, movies and late-night talk shows.

Throughout the day, CNBC sets the standard for up-to-the-minute business news and analysis of global financial markets. During prime time, the network presents news and entertainment programming. The leader in continuous news coverage, CNN presents national and international news, including live interviews with world leaders. Comedy Gold, a sister station to the Comedy Network, broadcasts classic sitcoms from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Cottage Life is a channel that celebrates the Canadian cottage lifestyle with favourite programming themes like DIY, food, makeovers and the outdoors. CPAC is a window on Canadian public life.

It presents the proceedings of the House of Commons, as well as a wide range of public-issue shows. Crave now includes French dubbed and original titles. CTV is a community-oriented network that showcases the opinions of the people within the community. Offering sitcoms, drama, movies, reality series and local news in its programming. Get into the biggest sitcoms and late-night talks. A-list standup, hit movies and every other flavour of funny.

Get into addictive stories, from cutting-edge series to crowd-pleasing whodunits and riveting unscripted moments. Get into shows that inspire, with home and lifestyle series, amazing meals to savour and incredible places to explore. CTV News Channel is Canada's hour all-news network, delivering breaking news from across Canada and around the world. Get into worlds with no limits, where fans connect to the heroes and galaxies we dare to imagine.

CTV Two features a dynamic mix of drama, comedy and reality programming. Its local news coverage spotlights day-to-day life in communities across Canada. With compelling real-life programming that inspires and entertains, Discovery reveals the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. If it's a ground-breaking idea, it's on Discovery Science!

Amazing viewers with cool innovations, ingenious ideas and the latest consumer gadgets, Discovery Science takes science out of the lab and classroom.

Discovery Velocity drives your passion for all things automotive, along with diverse travel, adventure and cultural world content. Disney XD offers a compelling mix of live-action and animated kids programming, transporting viewers into worlds full of humour, unexpected fun and inspiring action-filled adventures. Included in: Lifestyle. Included in: More Movies 1. Documentary is devoted to showing the best documentaries from Canada and around the world, 24 hours a day.

Entertainment Television is Canada's ultimate destination for the latest news and information on celebrities, entertainment and pop culture. Featuring a dynamic lineup of entertainment news programming, hit reality series, candid profiles of the world's biggest stars, and the best live red carpet coverage from Canada and around the world.

Its programming allows you to escape and dream while taking you down memory lane. Included in: Sports 1. ESPN Classic Canada has encore broadcasts of the most cherished classic games and moments from the world of sports. It covers all the bases with baseball, basketball, hockey, football, curling, golf, wrestling, boxing, soccer, tennis, skating and Reel Classics. Travel beyond your limits to live new experiences. Viewers can count on daily inspiration through biblical teaching and life-changing programming.

Family is a premium, commercial-free network offering the best in family television entertainment. Family Jr. Canada's first and only hour English language Fashion channel dedicated to the world of architecture, photography, beauty and design.

Included in: The Edge. Fight Network is a Canadian Network devoted to airing programming related to wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and other combatant styles. Along with airing the live fighting events themselves, it also features fight themed shows. FOX is the place to go for diverse programming from news, sports, dramas, children's programs, movies and more. FOX Sports Racing delivers unparalleled access to the races, drivers, cars, bikes and lifestyles that race fans crave. FX boasts a distinctive roster of critically-acclaimed and award-winning dramas and hit comedies.

Included in: The Zone. FXX is the destination for non-traditional content that is witty, irreverent and funny. Included in: Super Channel ,. GiNX Esports TV Canada is the definitive source for Canadian esports enthusiasts, featuring live tournaments, news and gaming lifestyle programming from around the world. Global Maritimes' programming includes local news and weather coverage, primetime sitcoms, dramas and reality TV shows, daytime soaps and talk shows.

HBO is home to the most talked-about premium programs on television — from new and groundbreaking series, films, and documentaries to sports and live entertainment specials — all uncut and commercial-free. HBO Canada delivers the full slate of HBO's award-winning, boundary-pushing, genre-defining series, films, comedies and live events.

HGTV Canada celebrates the spirit of home through inspiring design, renovation and real estate shows. Included in: Explore.


All FibreOP TV channels

Bell Fibe began operation in June, in Toronto, followed by Montreal. As an IPTV service, it was the second attempt by Bell to enter into urban areas where most residential businesses would not allow satellite dashes. The lineup is similar to Bell TV except it can have more local variations for carrying broadcast signals. The bandwidth allows for more HD channels. Over the years, some channel numbers have drifted apart and a larger number of HD and ethnic channels distinguishes this service from the Bell TV satellite service as the service has expanded throughout Ontario and Quebec and is now available from Windsor in the West to Quebec City in the East.


Bell Fibe TV


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