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Trusted for reliability, sustainability and proven successful results, BONDERITE processes deliver quality and process efficiency through a broad portfolio and technical expertise. The thin-film conversion coating provides superior paint adhesion and corrosion protection, while reducing environmental impact.

It is suitable for multi-metal conversion steel, zinc, aluminium and can be applied using dip and spray methods. Zirconate coatings represent the ultimate in metal coating processing using the benefits of nano technology to create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting and flexible finishes.

Before Zirconate coating it is essential that the metal surface is carefully prepared to remove all contaminants and allow the coating to create a permanent bond with the metal. These products represent an environmentally-friendly alternative to iron phosphate used on steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces; and a phosphate-free substitute for zinc phosphating.

Zirconate coatings represent the latest evolution in coating technology with the ability to create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting, flexible finishes.

In addition to their attractive appearance, nano ceramic coatings have significant benefits in terms of process, cost-effectiveness, and the effect on the environment. Continous support from project to production, state-of-the-art surface analysis and standard control procedures.

Jump to meta navigation Jump to main navigation Jump to content Jump to footer Zirconate Coatings Zirconate coatings - A sustainable and reliable alternative to phosphating technologies. Zirconate Coating Process.

The process is very fast and takes place at room temperature. Laboratory Services Continous support from project to production, state-of-the-art surface analysis and standard control procedures.

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Zirconate Coatings


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