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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Page 9: Table Of Contents Monopolar modes Bipolar modes Program overview Basic program settings Calling up a program Changing the program Program descriptions Program 0 "Standard" Page 11 Contents 6. Page 12 Repairs Technical service Output, voltage and current diagrams Intended use The HF device is intended exclusively for the generation of electrical power for monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation in surgical interventions.

Page Personal Safety Instructions Keep the lines to the HF electrodes as short as possible and position them so that they do not touch the patient or other lines. Do not place any objects on the HF device. Set the acoustic signal that sounds when the electrode is activated so that it is always clearly audible. Page Device-Related Safety Instructions Never boil the device and never disinfect it mechanically. Immediately drain any fluid that might have penetrated the device. Page Safe Handling General Instructions Do not place any instruments on the patients or on the devices.

Wear suitable gloves during operations. Ensure that all materials saturated with oxygen e. Page Functionality The arc control technology reduces the power output depending on the tissue and its resistance to the necessary minimum.

Page Forced Coag" Mode "Spray coagulation" mode This mode is used for contactless surface coagulation via arcing. This mode is used for hemostasis in parenchymal tissue or in poorly accessible crevices and in conjunction with argon coagulation.

An error message appears on the display. For further information, see Detecting and correcting errors, Page Neutral electrode monitoring When the neutral electrode is attached, the largest possible neutral electrode must be attached!

Memory functions For generators from the ARC series, the parameter settings of all programs can be stored. Icons on the device Icon Designation Solid neutral electrode Split neutral electrode Foot switch Comply with operating instruction Neutral electrode at HF insulated from Page Rating Label 4.

Scope of delivery You'll find detailed information on the scope of delivery in the current catalogs. This can affect other devices. Page Switching On The Hf Device A self-test is carried out if the device is switched off for longer than 15 to 20 seconds after being used. The default parameters of the most recently selected program subsequently appear. Connecting instruments Page Instruments For Monopolar Applications Once the contact is closed, the application starts after the configured reaction time.

Connecting the foot switch Connect the desired foot switch to the foot switch connection socket 50 or Page 38 The shift sensor on the foot switch is locked in programs 18, 19, and 20 for safety reasons. Socket changeover must occur directly at the device. Program overview An overview of the programs that can be executed with the HF device is displayed below. Page Basic Program Settings All programs have basic settings, e. Basic program settings 6. Page Program Descriptions 6.

Deactivate the ligation instrument after completed sealing of blood vessels. Page Program 7 "Micro Plastic In program 11, the maximum output transfer is unlimited to ensure maximum settings. Program 14 "Chest" This program is used in thoracic surgery. In this program, a cutting current and forced coagulation are used.

Maximum output is limited to 90 W. Page Program 17 "Gynecology Hystero 6. Program 17 "Gynecology Hystero" This program is used in gynecology for hysterectomies. Press the blue key of the foot switch for coagulation. Page Menu Programs Press the power limitation key for monopolar cutting 3 to return to the overview of the menu programs.

When the HF device is switched off, the new settings will be saved automatically. Press the power limitation key for monopolar cutting 3 to return to the menu programs. Page Menu Program 3 "Moderate Coag Mode The selected mode is saved and displayed for 3 seconds on the bipolar coag display 29 after switching on the device. The service manual contains further information on menu program 6.

Page Menu Program 10 "Restore Programs Press the power limitation key for monopolar cutting 3 to return to the menu programs. System- errors When a system error occurs, the error indicator 18 lights up red. Page 65 Activate the output via the finger or Connection socket activated via finger foot switch one after the other.

Ensure constant system voltage. System voltage too low If necessary, connect a UPS. Page 67 Chapter Technical service, Page If the expected change in the tissue does not occur and no error message appears, check the parameters and the accessory connections. Page Errors In The Easy Monitoring The device's electronics messages, replace system switches off the the neutral electrode. Preparation of the accessories Prepare the accessories e. Maintenance Check the device, the device trolley and the accessories e.

In particular, make sure that the insulation is intact on all cables. Page Repairs If a repair is necessary, have it done only by the service center specified below. Never carry out any repairs yourself. However, this is still permissible since the mean value from 1 second is below W. When using accessories made by other manufacturers, the user must ensure that they are designed for and compatible with the maximum HF peak voltage of the HF device.

Symbol Designation A device marked with this symbol must be put into the separate waste collection for electrical and electronic devices. Page System error indicators This manual is also suitable for: Arc Print page 1 Print document pages.

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Manufacturer Specifications - arc 350, Bowa

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Table Of Contents Rear panel user interface components Symbols used on the device


Bowa ARC 350 Operating Manual






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