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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Gleason Harvard University William G. Marks Emie S. Excerpis from this work may be reproduced by instructors for distribution on a not-for-profit basis for testing or instructional purposes only to students enrolled in courses for which the textbook has been adopted. Since f represents the numberof years since , we see tht 88 means the population ofthe city in A possible graph sin Figure 1.

Since the slope ofthis lines 5. The slope. Thus 0, and 7. The slope is then given by 7 1s negative, indicating thatthe value decreases as time passes. Having found the slope, we can take the point 7. If the slope were negative, then the metal would contract asthe temper a1.

Moreover, the second table suggests thit velocity is instead proportional to rime, since for each second of time, the velocity increases by 32 sec. Solutions for Section 4. The graph shows a concave up function 2 The graph shows a concave down funetion. This graph is nether concave up or down, 4. The graph is concave up. Its increasing and concave down on the 2-interval between. A and B.

Ibis decreasing land concave up on the z-interval between C' nd D, and the 2-interval bewween G and H. The graph is decreasing and concave up.

We are assuming that the coffe i al a the same temperatute. Here, 9 z increases by a factor of 1. Sy tal and ero, we find 0. The points 0,3 and 2. Teil take about 11 mE. The points 1. Exponential decay because —7 0, we have vi. We could have obtined approx imately the same result by compounding the monthly rate 12 times. Trial and error shows that 1. For example, the population is This represents a doubling ofthe population in a span of 6.

How long does it take the population to double a second time, from 40, to 80,? This second doubling has taken 8. Similarly, during any 2. We now have Poa! Lastly, BB 1 1. Solutions for Section 1. Figure 1. The graphs of f—! See Figure 1. See Figute 1. Not invertible, since it costs the same to mail a SO-gram ltr a it does to mail gram letter. From it we graph f g 2.

Then we ean plot the graph of a f 2. We get 7. Then the number of vehicles, Vin milions, atime tis given by FO L. So there was, according to this model, about one vehicle per person in , 46, Let n be the infant monlity of Senegal.

We want 0 sove forthe ime when P 0. Ifa fixed amount of air is cleaned every day, thee is a higher amount of pollutant removed earlier in the process. Since the amount of strontim remaining halves every 29 years, we ean solve forthe decay constant; 0.

We take the positive square root since bythe picture we know that cos 13, a We determine the amplitude of y by looking atthe coefficient of the cosine tem. Nov thatthe constant term does eo affect the amplitude. I and Il since replacing x by x leaves the graph of the function unchanged. Problems Since the degree is 5.

Thus, there may be 1. Graphs showing these five possibilities are shown in Figure 1. Sr estas to Figure 1. Inthe larges! The graphs are shown in Figure 1. Suppose the length is land the side ofthe square end is. In addition, the volume is given by 1, so substituting for? Thus, for 0 0. IF this linear model were carec, the average male sperm count would drop below the fentlity level during the year , 25, We will et amount of fuel for take-off.

The period Te ofthe cant is by definition! Then v rh. After another that is after a total of The olher factors each lead to a Since ef is always po , 50 there are 0 Thus, one zero is wvice the size ofthe other. The depos of f 4 J 2 hats. Je 50 Figure 1.

Answers may vary. To get rid of the powers of cosine, use the idemity eos? Finally, using the CAS to simplify. Using the wigonometvic expansion capabilities of your computer algebra yystem. False, A line can be put through any two points in the plane. However, if dhe line is vertical i 6 aot the graph of function. When n is odd, 2" is postive when is lrge and positive but negative when 1 is large and negative. Then increasing x by increases y by a factor of 5, However increusing 2 by 2 increases y by a factor of 25, not 10, since Other examples are possible.

LL, False, since cos 8 is decreasing and sin is increasing. The period is 2 0. Thus, the function exceutes cycles in 1 second. The slope is positive at and D: negative at C and F.


1. hughes hallett - cálculo de uma variável - 3ªed - soluções

Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by rodrigo Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded May 06,


1. Hughes Hallett - Cálculo de Uma variável - 3ªed - Soluções.pdf

Dazahn Acknowledgements First and foremost, we want to express our appreciation to the National Science Foundation for their faith in our ability to produce a revitalized calculus curriculum and, in particular, to our program officers, Louise Raphael, John Kenelly, John Bradley, and James Lightbourne. The balance between them may vary, depending on the needs of the students uhghes the wishes of the instructor. This chapter focuses on sequences, series of constants, and convergence. There are very few examples in the text that are exactly like the homework problems. Our problems probe hufhes understanding in areas often taken for granted.

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