A Global Leader in Innovative No other industry touches the lives of commercial, industrial and residential customers as directly as the power transmission and distribution industry. It must provide a continuous, reliable stream of quality electric power across the grid, because if the power flow stops, everyone notices. Challenge and commitment. Transmission and distribution utilities worldwide are striving to ensure reliable, efficient and automated service while keeping their operations and maintenance costs low.

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Use this as the starting point to access product information. You may also search by product number using the viewer. If you need help, scroll down for diagram and additional instructions. Introductory Product Information O Cable Terminations O Surge Arresters O P Separable Connector Interfaces O P Amp Loadbreak Connectors O P How to specify size-sensitive products O Amp Deadbreak Connectors O Series Deadbreak Connectors O Stick-Op, Window-Op To view Product Specification Page s , choose a product by clicking directly on the product number in the table on the Product Number Page.

To view Instruction Sheet, click on the Instruction Sheet button in the upper right-hand corner. To view Crimp Chart click on the Crimp Chart button. Surge Arresters, page Cable Terminations, page Amps, rms, sym.

Application Information: 1. Loadbreak connectors are designed and rated for use on grounded WYE systems. For application on ungrounded WYE or delta systems, the next higher voltage class product is recommended.

Examples: 5kV ungrounded: use 15kV class products; 15kV ungrounded: use 25kV class products; 25kV ungrounded: use 35kV class products; 35kV ungrounded: contact factory. Products are designed and constructed for all applications including padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor, direct sunlight, direct buried and continuously submerged in water.

The table. NOTES: 1. Was Fig. Elastimold uses Fig. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings. Optional accessories allow system grounding, testing, bypass, lightning surge protection and current limiting fus- ing.

Additional connecting points and taps can be provided by use of junctions or feed-thrus. Incudes X long bi-metal compression lug as standard. Also available as housing only. Also available with jacket seal included. Add - S suffix to part number. Rated for single-phase applications only. Equipped with insulated cuff.

Insert N8. Includes internal torquing feature using AT Assembly Tool. Rated for 15kV thru 35kV applications. Rated for 25kV thru 35kV applications.

Includes long bi-metal contact X. See page 6 for WX size tables and for fuse sizes. Fully rotatable for positioning. Grounding 15kV GP N Incudes X long bi-metal contact. Plug 25kV GP N Select the insulation letter Determine the ampere rating required. Insert code into catalog Insert rating into the catalog number below.

The Fused Elbow kit Step 2 X contains the following: Choose the proper connector code according to the conductor size. Compact 1 - Current limiting fuse. Also available without straps. Specify suffix -4 in place of -5 in the part number. Supplied with replaceable stud. Replacement stud available separately. Specify RS.

All deadbreak elbows are equipped with test points as standard. Optional accessories allow system grounding, bypass and lightning surge protection. Includes bail assembly. Includes X long, bi-metal compression lug as standard. Bails are required but not included.

Order separately. Bushing N4. Includes bail assembly to secure feed-thru insert to bushing well. Refer to general catalog for application details. Center-to-center spacing equals 4 inches. Copper lug for copper cable only. To order cable legs for different cable sizes, list each leg size W and X. See Tables W6 and X8 for sizes. Order X Al or X Cu for receptacle. See Table X8 for sizes. For use with LR elbows.

Designs accommodate large conductors and feature bolted connections and deadfront modular construction for maximum reliability, perfor- mance and versatility. Optional accessories allow visible external separation, by-pass, isolation, dead- ending, grounding, and testing as well as adding taps, surge arresters and circuit protection.

Hot-stick operable and separable joint systems are shown on pages 14 thru TAPS 25kA sym. The Amp rating requires copper Housing only current-carrying connector components and copper conductor cable. Available without the stud by adding N to the part number. Use Table W9 N4. Lug Use Table X6 N5.

Aluminum lug for use on aluminum or copper conductors. Use Table X6 N6. Available with a loose stud by adding suffix S to the part number.

Rubber junction with stainless steel mounting plate and back plate. Add -4 for rubber junction only. See page 17 for Window-Op Connector Kit. These items must be ordered separately. Refer to the W and X tables on pages 32 and 33 for sizing to cable insulation diameter and conductor size. For cable shield adapters and jacket seals, see page Configurations allow external visible break, testing, grounding and isolation. Retrofit kits allow upgrad- ing existing equipment.

Cam-Op systems utilize pin and socket connectors. Link-Op connectors are bolted and installed using torque con- trolled tools. Either system can be retro- fitted to existing equipment. The Cam-Op and Link-Op connectors are unique, allowing all hotstick opera- tions to be completed without moving the cable, an important consideration when large, stiff cables prohibit move- ment. The Cam-Op connector is easily in- stalled or removed by hotstick operation of the cam action disconnect lever.

Use Tables W9 and X6 14,18 N2. Requires 3 threaded studs on equipment faceplate for installation. Use Tables W9 and X6 13,14,18 N5. Retrofit Cam-Op connector kit includes: 1- link; 1- elbow housing; 1- Insulating 25kV KLB N4 cable adapter; style lug; 1- bushing extender; 2- retainer sleeves; Plug 35kV LB N4 1- insulated cap; 1- insulating plug; and 1- alignment bracket.


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