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Connecting via Ethernet Port Ethernet Card Windows Vista Configuration Modes Select WAN Port Select Protocol Please wait… Set Wireless configuration Virtual Server Wake on LAN Time Schedule Power LED Designed for small office, home office and resid en tial users, the router. You can en joy ADSL services and broadband. No PPPoE cli en t software is required for the local computer. Userfri en dly. The QoS features are configurable by source IP address,. You can throttle the speed at which differ en t.

If the router is too hot, turn off the. If you ever forget the password to log in, you may need to reset router to restore the factory. The router. You can th en access the. In case of "straight" cable both. After connecting. That signals the process. The protocol should be automatically installed together with. Network card drivers. You can find step-bystep. If you en counter this, follow this steps to resolve this.

Note: Network configuration require administrator privileges. Wh en User Account Control. Basic mode for Local Administrator with restricted. This three buttons are available in both configuration modes at the bottom of the scre en :. You can obtain all required parameters from your ISP.

This is the first scre en you will see after clicking on Quick Start in m en u. This is in the format of username ispname. Service Name — This item is for id en tification purposes. If it is required, your ISP. Type the netmask assigned to you by your ISP if giv en. After en tering correct information and clicking Continue button on Select Protocol scre en ,. If en tered values was correct, following scre en will appear:.

It is case s en sitive and must not excess It is recomm en ded to en able wireless network protection see WLAN section for. Select Enable if you. Wh en Enable is selected, no one will be able to locate the. Access Point AP of your router. Wh en Disable is selected, you can allow anybody with a. Regulation Domain — There are sev en Regulation Domains for you to choose from, including. North America N.

America , Europe, France, etc. The Channel ID will be differ en t based on. Select region in which router will be used — broadcasting on channel unavailable. Appearance of this section dep en ds on option selected on Security Mode list:. The input format is in character. Group Key R en ewal — The period of r en ewal time for changing the security key betwe en. This process is done automatically. WEP Auth en tication — To prev en t unauthorized wireless stations from accessing data.

Passphrase — This is used to g en erate WEP keys automatically based upon the input. Please note that. Key — Enter the key to en crypt wireless data. To allow en crypted data transmission,. Click on Host Name to go to. Curr en t Time — Curr en t date and time. Line Att en uation Upstream — This is att en uation of signal in upstream. Line Att en uation Downstream — This is att en uation of signal in downstream.

Display system logs accumulated up to the pres en t time. You can trace historical information. Firewall Log displays log information of any unexpected action with your firewall settings. The log shows log en tries wh en you have. Users usually only have. This function allows the creation of multiple virtual IP interfaces on this router.

It helps to. In this case, an internal router. Mode — The default setting is If you do not know or have both 11b. From the drop-down. If you have only 11b card, th en. Tx Power Level — It is function that en hances the wireless transmitting signal str en gth. It is a wireless access point mode that en ables wireless link and communication with other. WDS takes advantages of cost saving and flexibility which no extra wireless cli en t device.

AES utilizes a stronger en cryption method and. Select the one. Idle Timeout — Auto-disconnect the broadband firewall gateway wh en there is no activity. The router does not have a real time clock on board; instead, it uses the Simple Network Time.

After a successful connection to. Resync Period in minutes is the periodic interval the router waits before it resynchronizes. To avoid unnecessarily increasing the. Think of your router as a dedicated computer, and the firmware as the software it runs. Once the correct file is selected, click Upgrade to update the firmware in your router.

Remember that you must. PC, or to restore a previously saved backup. This is useful if you wish to experim en t with. It is. Press Backup to select where on your local PC to save the settings file. You may also change. Press Browse to select a file from your PC to restore. You should only restore settings files. Settings files saved to your PC should not be. Select the settings files you wish to use, and press Restore to load those settings into the.

Click Restart with option Curr en t Settings to reboot your router and restore your last saved.


Pentagram Cerberus P 6361 Manually

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Pentagram Cerberus-P-6351 Login Instructions

Connecting via Ethernet Port Ethernet Card Windows Vista Configuration Modes Select WAN Port Select Protocol Please wait…


User's Manual - en - pentagram

If you did not see your router's ip address in the list above. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router's IP address:. Now that you have your router's Internal IP Address we are ready to login to it. The Pentagram Cerberus-P has a web interface for configuration. You can use any web browser you like to login to the Pentagram Cerberus-P


PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6331-62


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