Hi guys.. Learn what CRM is etc. Process Manager etc. Or would you want to specialise in front end customisations, Clear Basic vb style java etc, again, or both? Going on all of the courses at Clarify, would be ideal, i think most of the people i know within the Clarify sector, came from doing the courses originally.

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Amdocs' ClarifyCRM portfolio offers a compatible line of traditional ClearSales and thin-client ClarifyCRM sales applications that are particularly popular with the telecommunications market. Internet: www. Amdocs is a supplier of customer relationship management CRM , billing and order management systems.

Its products are used by wireline, wireless, broadband, electronic, mobile commerce and Internet Protocol IP service companies. While its primary market is the communications industry, the company is expanding into other markets as well.

The release places emphasis on process management and predictive analysis through its products and is designed to optimize the value of each customer interaction. The CRM software market is not faring well.

Many vendors are dealing with dramatic drops in revenue. The company's forte has been in delivering solutions for customer service contact centers where the concentration is on problem resolution and billing integration.

In late , Amdocs released ClarifyCRM 11 with many enhancements and a variety of new applications. In March , Amdocs expanded the marketing capabilities of its ClarifyCRM application suite through the acquisition of the assets of Xchange, a supplier of campaign management and real-time marketing automation software. When Xchange closed its doors, Amdocs purchased the company's Xchange CRM product, intellectual property and trademarks. Gartner estimates Xchange to have around 70 maintenance-paying customers who now deal with Amdocs.

This release brings a more Web-oriented countenance to the series. Nearly all of Amdocs' ClarifyCRM products are now available in thin-client format, with the exception of some lesser-used applications. With Release 12, Amdocs' overriding goal is to support end-to-end customer-focused processes in high-performance and scalable environments. Amdocs realizes that most companies would probably like to upgrade computing infrastructures to accommodate new Internet architecture applications.

However, the vendor also acknowledges that today's sluggish business climate is prohibiting many customers from doing so. Amdocs' co-existence strategy allows companies to incrementally move to browser-based systems as business requirements and budget constraints allow. The applications are designed to assist users in communicating with sales personnel, developing quotes and orders, forecasting revenue and managing sales opportunities.

The products are also geared to compensation plan development and sales commission management. It supports a team-selling approach, with considerations for channel partners, field sales, telemarketing and telesales professionals. ClearSales provides contact management, opportunity, lead and territory management facilities. Optimized for Internet use, the product can be accessed through any standard Web browser from any location.

ClarifyCRM Sales is designed to work with the classic ClearSales product, enabling established customers to interoperate between traditional sales and browser-based applications. As far as Amdocs' mobile sales and field resolution solutions go, the products are adequate, providing basic capabilities. It provides account management, contact management, lead management and opportunity management facilities, but not territory management and forecasting.

The line includes flexible opportunity management, incentive compensation and sales configuration systems. The Sales Configuration application is based on Amdocs' acquisition of Newtonian Software in August and includes solid quote-to-order capabilities. The configuration engine enables sales reps to configure and quote complex product designs.

The SalesLogix CRM Suite is designed to automate the selling cycle, from marketing campaign and lead capture to product delivery and customer support. Extensive partnerships and integration with third-party products greatly enhance SalesLogix' functional reach.

These product functions include accounting and ERP integration, alert messaging, application integration, business intelligence, content management, data analysis, cleansing, consolidation, import and storage, event management, project management and sales force automation, among others.

In addition to core competency in sales force automation, other product strengths include strong mobile support and the ability for rapid implementation. It provides a strong sales configuration pricing and product capability but, like Amdocs, lacks depth of functionality in multiple other areas for example, PRM, interactive selling and field sales. Oracle still needs to provide strong multichannel sales reference customers, but the solution is improving with each release.

PeopleSoft's CRM significantly enhances the sales solution's interactive selling capabilities and provides a promising but not yet proven mobile sales solution. At the center of the vendor's line is the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture, which is centered on the Internet to support real-time business processes. It provides functionality for secure, scalable Internet-based access and integration. The solution is built on an XML-driven Web-based platform and includes portals to provide support for customers and business partners.

It includes traditional sales, wireless and analytical capabilities. Pivotal Interactive Selling provides a personalized online buying or selling experience for customers and sales professionals through interactive needs analysis and intelligent guided selling services. Siebel, the undisputed CRM leader, offers a comprehensive multichannel sales application suite.

Siebel's sales solution is also stronger in the areas of core opportunity management, sales configuration and interactive selling. Unlike Amdocs' coexisting client server and Web-based platforms, Siebel 7. Siebel offers 20 vertical market solutions, providing industry-specific data model extensions, segment-specific functionality and business process, and industry-specific integration kits. This far exceeds Amdocs' vertical capabilities, which focus almost entirely on the telecommunications industry.

Amdocs has staked a strong claim to market leadership in telecommunications. With customers from around the world, its client list reads like a "Who's Who" of telecommunications providers. This allows users of traditional and browser-based applications to work within the same environment with a unified view of the customer.

The dual-architecture approach allows customers to migrate to browser-based environments as finances and resources allow. With this compatibility, business activities are not disrupted as a company gradually migrates to a thin-client environment. Amdocs has had its greatest success within the telecommunications market.

While this is a plus, the company has expressed a desire to move into other markets. The acquisition of Xchange's CRM business may help Amdocs to expand into the financial services arena. To sell its sales solutions outside the telecommunications market, Amdocs must maintain and even extend the nontelecom relationships it acquired with Clarify.

It also must expand its installed base, fill functionality gaps in its sales line and improve its mind share with external consultants and system integrators. Clarify does not provide a dedicated sales-focused PRM capability. In addition to missing core partner life-cycle management functionality for example, partner profiling, recruitment, registration, planning, matching and analysis , the company does not provide functionality to enhance partner effectiveness for example, sales training, partner forecasting and interactive selling.

Within the past year, Amdocs has introduced browser-based versions of its sales, billing, customer service and support, call center and response center applications. But there are many products that are not available in thin-client form. Until Amdocs migrates the entire client server portfolio across to the e-business architecture, there will be the ongoing requirement for coexisting architectures and multiple toolkits.

Amdocs' ClarifyCRM portfolio provides a strong customer service-focused solution with supporting sales and marketing applications rather than viable stand-alone suites. However, it lacks depth when compared to leaders in the multichannel sales application market, such as Siebel and other strong ERP vendors. As part of an integrated CRM-billing solution with adequate rather than leading functionality, the portfolio has strong appeal for telecommunications-based companies.

The challenge for Amdocs will be to make a move into other markets. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Gartner disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. Gartner shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof.

The reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. While Amdocs does not brand by vertical, it offers bundled applications targeted to telco, high-tech manufacturing and financial services industries. A thin client browser-based sales application that is based on, and designed to work with, the traditional ClearSales product both work concurrently.

Serves as "dashboard" for the customer service agent. In sales applications, allows agents to view, navigate and manage using built-in order management function or option to link to third-party order management systems. Uses wizards to speed customization of established business logic and user interface pages. Navigates ClarifyCRM objects and components through graphical means. Leverages established Java tools and experience.

Handles billing inquiries and adjustments at the first point of contact. Applies consistent billing rules and guidelines across all interaction channels. Supports integration to third-party billing systems. Allows customers to define and publish ClarifyCRM events for use by third-party systems. Extends channels through XML response delivery to mobile device gateways. Provides online, visual processing monitoring through any ClarifyCRM desktop application.

J2EE process execution engine for heightened performance and scalability. Flowcharting capabilities for process modeling. Drives user interface page display and scripts through model processing.

Captures and monitors the process of securing revenue. Can execute Automated Sales Strategies for an entire sales team based on product or industry focus.

Enables assembling contact, account, product and competitive information into a framework for managing leads and revenue opportunities. Allows lead information to be captured from information gathered in the call center, customers browsing a Web site, customers sending e-mail for information, or lists of trade shows loaded into the system. Manages leads separately from opportunities. Provides multiple graphical display options of analyzing opportunities by rep, by product, by territory, by sales stage and by quota.

Enables management to structure the sales organization by geography, industry, named accounts or products and product lines.

Allows rolling up many territories into one territory. Provides support for detailed sales quotes with optional configuration capabilities. Generated based on the probability of closures guidelines established by management to ensure data consistency.


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It is a tool which helps to develop a relationship with the customers. It helps to make contacts, sales processes, productivity, and workflow more manageable. This software has customer details such as their contact number, address, email address, etc which are confidential. These details can be used only by the company. The software shows what relationship is there between the company and the customer. It helps in understanding the target audience better which helps to improve company's profitability.


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Tutorial Bridge is a program for learning the game of contract bridge while at the same time playing and enjoying the game. The user can interact with the program at a rate that is consistent with his or her current knowledge of the game. OpusFlow CRM takes the Outlook contact card as the starting point for linking and tracking of all related communication. The Outlook that you used to know has been extended with a wide range of functionalities.


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GangBoard Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training helps you to build a career by learning installation, deployment, installation, customization, configuration, integration, entity, business rules, etc.. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies in interaction management, organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, etc. Now a day maintains customer relations and their data is so difficult. Most of the companies use CRM application to manage the relationship with the customer and their data throughout the customer life cycle. The main motive of the MS Dynamics CRM is improving business relationship with the customer and makes a raise in sales growth of the company. Sales , Salesforce.


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