We have had a chance to look under the hood, kick the tires and talk to the beta testers. We prefer to call it a modern control system, one that extends the life of our customers' investments, essentially future -proofing their technology. Grant LeSueur, director of product management, and one of the fathers of the Invensys enterprise control system, InFusion , adds, "This concept is an extension of our 'continuously current' philosophy. The modern control system does not require customers to replace everything they have on a regular cycle, but lets them continue to wring as much value as possible from existing technology while leveraging the emergence of our modern control and safety systems. The initial driver was that we were facing a substantial obsolescence issue and we had ranked this issue as a significant risk to on-going operations," he says. We needed a solution that would allow us to upgrade components we needed to, without sacrificing functionality or usability for our operators.

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ABB's website uses cookies. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. Search now. There was a problem with your request. Please fill in required fields. Sign up. Islands of automation with different life cycles and capabilities makes it unnecessary risky and costly to keep production running. ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, tools and skilled personnel, the combination of which facilitates a smooth, stepwise evolution of your Invensys control system where you retain what is still useful.

Your reward is a production environment that is safer, more productive and competitive, and foremost, future safe. The choice is yours: you can perform a step-by-step evolution in a controlled, invest-as-you-grow process, or implement a complete evolution that completely replaces your existing system.

A next step could be a step wise replacement of the controllers and note that ABB can carry out that even if this is a batch orchestrated environment. The flexibility is yours in order to get maximum cost efficiency. The key ABB value proposition is evolution via enhancement. This includes operator graphics, historical data, batch recipes, operator training, etc. We invest huge resources to protect your investment, and the result can be seen in time and money-saving graphical and database conversions, as well as cable kits that eliminate the need for extensive rewiring.

Please visit us for a walkthrough! Submit your inquiry and we will contact you. Quickly find an ABB channel partner. Learn more I agree. Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart.

Search Search now. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Rate this page General impression. Positive Negative. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB. Are you looking for support or purchase information? Contact us. How to implement System xA on top of your installed Invensys control system? Training and Education Channel partners Cyber Security. ABB Web feeds. Events Customer events Investor events Media events.

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DCS market may be crucial in Invensys bidding

Download Foxboro DCS brochure. The Foxboro DCS family of fault-tolerant, highly available components collect, process and disseminates valuable information to every corner of the plant. The Foxboro DCS features state-of-the-art, multi-purpose workstations and servers which are versatile and robust, with different options catering for different plant environments and operation requirements. The Foxboro DCS control networks and interfaces provides scalable, robust connections between field, plant and business systems that put critical information in your hands to make timely decisions that impact your business. The Foxboro DCS is equipped with advanced features and elevated human elements of Human-Machine Interface HMI which delivers intuitive configuration, accelerate fault-finding, speed up engineering and consolidate critical information, ensuring flawless, continuous operation. The Historian provides a robust, single-software infrastructure for enterprise-wide collection, storage, and retrieval of historical process information. Designed and optimized for use with the Foxboro DCS historian client, it enables trend analysis and reporting that guide intelligent troubleshooting, and help identify opportunities for cost savings.


Invensys launches new Foxboro DCS

Invensys Ltd. It was formed in through the merger of BTR plc and Siebe plc. Schneider phased out the "Invensys" name in favour of its own. Invensys lines of business were grouped into four segments: Software, Industrial Automation, Energy Controls and Appliance. Invensys was formed through the merger of BTR plc and Siebe plc in


EcoStruxureâ„¢ Foxboro DCS - Distributed Control System



Invensys DCS System Evolution to ABB 800xA


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