This book provides a distinct way to teach discrete mathematics. Since discrete mathematics is crucial for rigorous study in computer science, many texts include applications of mathematical topics to computer science or have selected topics of particular interest to computer science. This text fully integrates discrete mathematics with programming and other foundational ideas in computer science. In fact, this text serves not only the purpose of teaching discrete math. It is also an introduction to programming, although a non-traditional one. Functional programming is a paradigm in which the primary language construct is the function - and function here is essentially the same as what it is in mathematics.

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I too took this course as a freshman, and it was one of the most enlightening things I've ever done for my software engineering career. It's worth getting the most recent copy--it has a lot of corrections and entire new chapters on interesting things automatons, lambda calculus, lattices, graphs Let me know if you have any questions about its content or my experience.

There is a way on buy an digital copy no US citizen here of this book new edition? Thanks :. See also "The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming" which seems to cover similar material, although not as much. Wish I could've done a course like this in college! I suspect it would bridge a lot of missing gaps from my maths education.

Did you take a Discrete Mathematics course at all? Struggling with my other math classes College Algebra, Survey of Calc that class created a good bit of anxiety for me, until I actually got into and realized to me at least it was not like any of the other math classes.

Did a bunch of it. Had a blast. But our CS courses were object oriented stuff in Java. Useful, but not very 'mathy' imho. I just had a course about functional programming and proof theory in Coq. It's super fun and super enlightening. If you are into that kind of thing, you should definitely give it a try! The PDF is from and contains pages. The printed book is from and contains pages including index. Are you a current student?

No, I often buy used text books when I find them cheap so I can fill in what I missed by skipping out on a degree. I found this title and figured that with the intersection of ML and discrete math I'd have better luck.

Staring at a ton of problems in a text book without knowing which ones I'd be able to verify my solutions against - the Epp book - was a daunting prospect for self-study. The tables of contents look somewhat different. For example, the linked version in your comment does not include a chapter on Complexity classes.

Fun to see this here. I TA-ed for this course--one of my favorite undergrad classes. I highly recommend picking up the full book. The merging of proof and program is really cool as a way to teach CS concepts. I'm actually working on porting a lot of the examples over to idiomatic Clojure. Email me if you're interested in following the progress there. You were my TA! I emailed Dr.

VanDrunen to let him know that he was on HA. VD's textbook. He used to give extra credit for finding typos in his book. It was a great course and VanDrunen is one of the best profs I've ever had. Really great book! I took this course as a sophomore and wish I had as a freshman as the ideas and themes presented in the book and course are so integral to forming proper thinking in the subject of programming. Just a note "I am produce a series of videos to accompany the text" was bugging me.

Its nice that this is available for their students. You should let a current student know about that. I think he still gives extra credit for mistakes. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming wheaton.


Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

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