If the meter does not function on the DCA range, the internal mA fuse may have blown. To replace the battery or fuse, remove the test leads from the meter and remove the two screws from the rear cover. Replace the battery or fuse and then reassemble. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, alteration of products. To make a warranty claim the consumer must deliver the product at their cost. The consumer must also deliver the.

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The DTB digital multimeter is a compact, light tool - a bargain if you need something cheap and reliable. If the voltage to be measured is not known, set the range switch at the highest range position and then reduce it until a satisfactory resolution is obtained. Read the voltage value and polarity on the LCD display.

For measuring currents between mA and 10A, insert the red lead into the "10A" unfused jack. Note: If the resistor being measured is connected to a circuit, turn off power and discharge all capacitors before applying measurements! Before attempting to insert transistors into the socket for testing, always be sure that test leads have been disconnected from any measurement circuits.

Also, components should not be connected to the hFE socket when making voltage measurements with the test leads! If the connection is reversed, only figure "1" should be displayed for a good diode. Loosen the screws on the back cover and open the case. Before attempting to open the case, always be sure that test leads have been disconnected from measurement circuits.

Close the case and tighten the screws completely before using the meter to avoid electrical shock hazard! Frequency range: 45Hz to Hz. Response: Average responding, calibrated in RMS of a sine wave. Diode aprox. The overload protection in the diode test mode is V RMS. Over range indication: figure "1" on the display.

Size: x70x25mm Weight: g. Note: the technical specifications presented above may not apply for your model as manufacturers can make small changes and improvements to their products at any time. Check your user manual for exact values.


The Gadget Queen DT-830B User Manual

It has diode and transistor test functions as well. The photographs and circuit diagram in this article may be of interest to engineers who need to repair their meters. This meter has Chip on Board COB package inside, and the designation leads me to believe that this meter has the Intersil ICL single chip solution, or perhaps a variant of that design. This is an affordable pocket meter that works reasonably well for the price. I was not expecting anything to arrive, however two weeks later it arrived all the way from China, in a neat little box. I decided to write this article because I was amazed to see how cheaply they are able to manufacture these gadgets and send them. I installed it with this battery and tested some of the functions, and surprisingly it seems to be working fine.


DT830B Digital Multimeter



DT830B Instruction Manual


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