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Eikon basilike or King's Book was one of the most successful books ever published and established Charles I's reputation as a martyr. It came out within hours of the king's execution in January and was a strange mixture of prayer and political commentary. Forty-six editions are said to have been called for within a year. Though purporting to be by the king, authorship was later claimed by John Gauden, appointed bishop of Exeter and then Worcester after the Restoration on the strength of it.

Perhaps the greatest impact was made by a woodcut as frontispiece showing Charles at his devotions. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

May 26, Retrieved May 26, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. It was exceedingly popular, going through 49 editions, to the extent that a reply by Parliament was thought necessary, and Eikonoklastes published in the same year.

Eikon basilike oxford. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Eikon Basilike oxford. More From encyclopedia. In chess, the king is the most important pie…. About this article Eikon Basilike All Sources -. Updated About encyclopedia. Charles I — King of Great Britain. Charles I — Charles II, King of England. Gwynn, Nell — King, Charles Glen. King Charles spaniel. Eiker, Mathilde.

Eijs, Irene —. Eigtved, Nils. Eighty Years and More. Eighth Blackbird. Eighth Amendment. Eightfold Way. Eighteenth-Century Style and Culture. Eighteenth-Century Revolt. Eighteenth-Century Politics: to —Interest Politics.

Eighteenth-Century Politics: to —Revolution Settlement. Eighteenth-Century Politics. Eighteenth-Century Meteorological Theory and Experiment.

Eighteenth-Century Headwear. Eighteenth-Century Footwear. Eighteenth-Century Development of Temperature Scales. Eighteenth-Century Clothing. Eiland, Howard —. Eiland, Murray L ee —. Eilber, Janet —. Eilberg, Amy. Eilberg, Amy —. Eilberg-Schwartz, Howard. Eileen Fisher Inc. Eileen Ford. Eileen Marie Collins. Eilenberg, Samuel. Eilers, Albert. Eilers, Sally — Eilhard Mitscherlich.

Eilika of Oldenburg —.


Eikon Basilike

It was published on 9 February , ten days after the King was beheaded by Parliament in the aftermath of the English Civil War in Written in a simple, moving and straightforward style in the form of a diary , the book combines irenic prayers urging the forgiveness of Charles's executioners with a justification of royalism and the King's political and military programme that led to the Civil War. It is by no means certain that Charles wrote the book. After the Restoration , John Gauden , bishop of Worcester , claimed to have written it.


Anon's 'Eikon Basilike'

On January 27, , Charles I, the anointed King of England, was condemned for treason by a "high court of justice" and sentenced to death by execution. Two days later, under heavy armed guard, Charles walked from St. James' Palace to Whitehall, stepped onto the scaffold, and with a short speech and the mysterious last whispered word "Remember," was executed. To an England caught in the turmoil of a political and religious war, the king's death resulted in a reemergence of a popular royalist sentiment.


Eikon basilike

After the Restoration, John Gauden, bishop of Worcester, claimed to have written it. Scholars continue to disagree about the merits of this claim, though assuming that if Gauden wrote it, he had access to Charles's papers when he did so. For details of the authorship controversy, one should consult, among others, the sources listed below, all of which are accessible through the Maryland Room in Hornbake Library. Milton, and lately re-printed at Amsterdam. C48 V56 A vindication of King Charles the martyr : proving that His Majesty was the author of Eikon basilike against a memorandum, said to be written by the Earl of Anglesey and against the exceptions of Dr. C48 W3

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