Cancel anytime. New beginnings. Shocking revelations. Unexpected endings. As spring turns into summer, Elizabeth relishes her new role as a young wife, while her sister, Diana, searches for adventure abroad.

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Written by Anna Godbersen. Narrated by Nina Siemaszko. Gossip Girl meets the Gilded Age in this delicious and compelling novel, the third in the New York Times bestselling series from author Anna Godbersen. In the thrilling third installment of Anna Godbersen's bestselling Luxe series, Manhattan's most envied residents appear to have everything they desire: Wealth. But sometimes the most practiced smiles hide the most scandalous secrets.

Jealous whispers. Old rivalries. New betrayals. This is Manhattan, Two months after Elizabeth Holland's dramatic homecoming, Manhattan eagerly awaits her return to the pinnacle of society.

When Elizabeth refuses to rejoin her sister Diana's side, however, those watching New York's favorite family begin to suspect that all is not as it seems behind the stately doors of No. Farther uptown, Henry and Penelope Schoonmaker are the city's most celebrated couple. But despite the glittering diamond ring on Penelope's finger, the newlyweds share little more than scorn for each other.

And while the newspapers call Penelope's social-climbing best friend, Carolina Broad, an heiress, her fortune—and her fame—is anything but secure. Upload Sign In Join. Play Sample. Create a List. Download to App. Length: 9 hours. Rumors Author Anna Godbersen. Envy Author Anna Godbersen. Splendor Author Anna Godbersen. There are a lot of manipulations on the part of Penelope and she is really the one who sets everything in motion.

After having blackmailed Henry into marrying her, she is desperate to keep him so she concocts many plots to dispute Diana Holland, the girl Henry really loves, and make herself look better. Really Penelope would have been better off leaving Henry alone. Why she felt she had to marry him, I don't know.

I understood why she had to keep him though. At that time, a divorce would have been such a scandal and Penelope traps herself into her own situation. The Hollands were less interesting in this book especially Elizabeth. I expected such a great showing from her especially at how Rumors ended, but she fell flat.

Although I do hope she marries Teddy somehow. She should have married him in the first place, because the whole Will plot was stupid in the end. And Diana was ridiculous trying to somehow keep Henry and never really getting it. He is trapped and he will never be better than who he is like Nate in GG.

So I'm hoping for something more interesting in Splendor, the last book. As an aside, I did find some of the historical trivia thrown in very interesting.

For example, women had to wear stocking with the swimsuits on the beach and couldn't show any flesh. And I love the description of all the clothes. It seems so beautiful if stifling. Envy is the third book in the Luxe series and also the second to the final book.

Our characters are up to their usual and the drama continues. This book offers a nice change of scenery because everyone ends up on vacation in Florida. Penelope's brother, Grayson Hayes, has a bigger role in this installment as does Teddy Cutting. Elizabeth spends most of the book depressed of the death of Will and basically feeling guilty and sorry for herself. Again, her storyline is predictable and boring. Carolina is still trying to play the role of a rich socialite but also may find herself wrapped up in a love triangle all her own.

Henry, Diana, and Penelope are still playing their roles in a love triangle despite the marriage at the end of the previous book. There are a lot of misunderstandings that cause a lot of the drama.

One thing I like about this series is that the titles have all stayed true to the contents of the book. As the series progresses, you begin to notice some parallels in some of the stories and some are not as obvious as others.

Similarly, some things are very, very predictable but there are some twists to hold your interest. Diana Holland has been and still is my favorite character in this series. She is young and naive and she reminds us girls of how we were when we first fell in love. You can't help to be on her side and hope that everything works out between her and Henry. Speaking of Henry, he is very frustrating but seems to be trying to do what he thinks is right.

Just when you start to like him, he does something to make you dislike him all over again. This book was good but I'm hoping the last book blows me away. This series has been good but not spectacular and not a page turner. This is the 3rd in the Luxe series and I think my favorite! This entire series was, indeed, Gossip Girl for the 19th century set.

Or a soap opera. Godbersen's positively a sadist regarding her characters though, one tragedy after another! Definitely a good guilty pleasure. I went on a Luxe binge, reading this and "Rumors" on my vacation. Luxurious getaway fiction; the restrictive social mores of the time make the betrayals, conniving and rebellious acts even more titillating.

I found Diana's desperate act at the end too impulsive to believe given the era but what the hell, I'll be there to see what happens when "Splendor" is released. The reading equivalent of eating bon-bons! This is the third novel in the Luxe series. In this book each of the characters seems to be getting further and further away from what they want, even if it appears that they are getting all they want.

Go, Diana, Go!!!!! It's strange, hers is not usually the type of character that ends up as a favourite, but I love her to bits. Change of scenery this time, still as exciting as ever, and it is nothing like that steaming pile of shit, Gossip Girl! As always, the cover is beautiful.

I only wish I loved the book as much as I love the cover. I hate to say this, but the ending just wasn't satisfying for me. Maybe my problem is that I think things weren't resolved well for the characters.

Yes, there's another book, but I just couldn't see how anything would be fixed from this point on. Also, what were these characters thinking? I know they're flawed and that's fine, but I honestly couldn't understand why they did what they did. If the author can't make me completely believe in characters, then I can't be as attached to the story as I should be.

We eat well all week. We go to mom and baby classes. I go to the gym and he plays on the playground. We like tofu and V8. Look here, we also like cupcakes from The Library Coffee Company. Enough of this and on with the story. For those of you have read the first two books, this, again, will make much more sense. If Rumors was lacking anything, it lacked the speed and feeling that started in The Luxe and returned in Envy. I thought the series would flounder sans a few key characters from the first and second volumes but Anna managed to keep interests elsewhere.

What are you thinking?! All in all, though, it was a fun progression of the story. Just like the other two books in the series this one was just as catty-licious. This one focuses more on the relationships between Diana, Henry and the evil Penelope. I really love the drama, even though the character reactions and events were a bit predictable. Is it just me, or did Godbersen totally rip off Scarlett's "Tomorrow is another day" bit in one of the end scenes?

This is the same as all the other books, evil Penny getting her way, and poor Henry and Diana being the end of the evil. I was finally glad that Henry maned up and joined the Army, although it didn't have to be that way. I really hope that Elizabeth finds some happiness in the 4th book, and Henry and Diana better get together in the end or this will be a stupid series. This series is the only reason I've ever even looked at historical fiction books.


Envy : A Luxe novel

By Anna Godbersen. Gossip Girl meets the Gilded Age in this delicious and compelling novel, the third in the New York Times bestselling series from author Anna Godbersen. But sometimes the most practiced smiles hide the most scandalous secrets. Jealous whispers. Old rivalries.


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