The participant then has 1 year from the completion date of this common core to be evaluated by a certified evaluator to one or more of the following specialty modules. MTCU accreditation to the specialty modules does not expire. The Underground Hard Rock Miner program is 4 weeks in duration. This program incorporates 2 days of theory including information from the Occupational Health and Safety Act as it pertains to the Common Core modules, as well as an in-depth practical session for the remaining 18 working days of the program.

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No University employee or contractor shall undertake any work on equipment unless the equipment is fully secured against accidental startup, movement or release of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical or thermal energy that could cause injury. The University will provide the equipment and training to ensure that a power source is isolated from equipment or machinery before work is performed.

Procedures must be strictly followed to ensure the safety of everyone working on the equipment. Prior to beginning work on any piece of equipment that could startup, move or release stored energy, all University employees and contractors will lock out or de-energize all the energy sources and isolation points as identified by the employer. Verification that all potential energy sources are eliminated must be made before applying the Lock and Tag.

Trades staff and contractors will then lock out any valve, switch, breaker, or other control which supplies energy to the equipment.

Then, they will attach a dated and signed tag that indicates the reason for the lock out. A minimum of one lock must be installed per different trade staff working on the piece of equipment. If more personnel are asked to work on a piece of equipment, then each will apply his or her lock to the appropriate control. Before carrying out any further work on the equipment, the trades staff or contractor will test the equipment to ensure that it is in fact de-energized.

A lock and tag will only be removed by the persons who installed them. Locks will be removed only, when the persons who installed them are satisfied that it is safe to do so. The person removing the last lock will only do so when he or she is satisfied that it is safe to re-start the equipment. No one, other than the persons who installed them, shall remove a lock out lock.

Enter your keywords. Section menu. Procedure Identify the energy sources and isolate them. Lock and tag. Test the controls Before carrying out any further work on the equipment, the trades staff or contractor will test the equipment to ensure that it is in fact de-energized. Perform the work. Remove locks and tag.

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