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Summary: from amazon. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen. No brainer. Ana: Fragile Eternity was high on my list of most anticipated reads of That book had 4 main characters but only 3 of them had point of views.

Seth was the character that was left out and even so, he was my favorite character. But Melissa Marr does not disappoint. Not only Seth was given the voice and life I hope for, she also takes the story into new depths. The world she created in these books? Simply awe-inspiring. And true to form, Ms. Marr delivers. Fragile Eternity is like the anti- Twilight ; this is a thoughtful, sensitive book that is damn near perfect. I absolutely loved it. The plot in Fragile Eternity is absolutely brilliant.

Melissa Marr takes what happened previously and expands her world exponentially adding several layers of complex storytelling. With the Summer coming and the Summer Court still getting used to their King being unbound and to her new former-mortal Queen , things are not quite as they should be.

Ash, the Summer Queen refuses to be more to her King than friends and co-workers which weakens their court. The Winter Court is still powerful and balance must be reached at any cost.

This is what is central to Fragile Eternity: the need for balance between the Courts that are important to the mortal world as well. The moment one of them is stronger than the other as the Winter Court had been when under Beira , the repercussions to the mortal world can be dire, setting the world into eternal winter for example or into the darkness that the Dark Court can so easily spread. But luckily, the three monarchs, Donia, Ash and Niall are prepared to compromise as long as their respective courts are respected and strong.

Unfortunately for them, there are lose ends — there is Seth, the mortal that navigates amongst all the courts being the beloved of the Summer Queen, friends with the Winter Queen who gave him the Sight ability to see the fairies and a brother to the Dark King, Niall. This is troublesome and potentially disruptive, especially to the Summer King, Keenan.

Then there is Bananach, a faery with loose connections to the Dark Court who is the embodiment of War and Chaos. Her foresight predicts coming war and her conniving, manipulative actions in Fragile Eternity are as important as the actions of her sister, Sorcha, the embodiment of Order and the Queen of the elusive, distant High Court.

For all its depth and extremely complex diplomatic and political entanglements, the themes can be perhaps simplistically put summed up as Love and Duty. Love permeates most of the relationships in this book: brotherly love like the one between Seth and Niall but also romantic love between Keenan and Donia, Ash and Seth. But the fact that all of them are bound by duty and sometimes their love for their Court need to come first which adds conflict and a LOT of angst.

Plus, what makes this even more awesome? The fact that everything and everyone is so unpredictable. There is no easy way out for anything. Some of the characters can foresee the future and Melissa Marr goes beyond telling that there are several potential outcomes and possibilities by showing us how the threads change as the plot moves along.

And the paths move and are reshaped in front of our very eyes — making clear that for all the strength and immortality these Kings and Queens have, theirs is still a very fragile eternity.

Thea: What Ana said. I love these books for how complicated relationships are — in terms of characters and especially in terms of plotting. As Ana says, the concept of balance is of key importance to this book. Add to the mix Bananach — chaos, war and death personified — who hungers to destroy the balance at any cost. The political machinations, the manipulations of Bananach, the tangled loyalties and relationships all come to a head in Fragile Eternity , and it is nothing short of impressive.

I mentioned earlier that Fragile Eternity is that anti- Twilight , and I stand by that statement. Reading Fragile Eternity , I was glued to my seat, unsure about how it was all going to end and thrilled that I had no idea what to expect next. More on that later. Ana: There are several important characters in this book and I care or at least want to know about every single one of them. From the disturbing Bananach, to Devlin, advisor to Sorcha, to all the individuals in each court.

But the four main characters this time, the ones that have points of view are: Ash, Donia, Sorcha and Seth. I will start with the most important one in this book- Fragile Eternity belongs to Seth, in my opinion.

Starting with the fact that we finally learn what moves him. In Wicked Lovely, he came across as steady-fast, calm, self-confidents and someone who was always there for Ash no matter what.

I fell in love with him, even if a lot of readers thought him to be one-dimensional. I always thought he had a lot of potential. And god knows how much I like being right. Seth is suffering. He is a mortal in the middle of immortals. He is the most fragile of them all : he is going to eventually die. He is not strong. He is important to Ash because he understands her in a level no one else does. He is never pushy and he is always prepared to give her space.

What we did not know is that none of this comes easily. What we also learn here is the depth of his love for her — which in some points, borders obsession, as it is difficult to tell where does Seth begin and end without his love for Ash. It is an all —consuming love that in some points bothered me for its sheer intensity.

He is SO young. Did I like what happens? Yes and no. Part of me thinks he is simply weak. He lacks the strength that Leslie Ink Exchange had to walk away and do what is best for his mortal like. Part of me revels in the choice he has made — it is all about love after all and he knows what is important to him and who matters. He may be young but he knows he loves Ash forever. How can the romantic in me NOT like that. I also liked that this choice will come with consequences and curses that will probably set what is to come.

And because it gives him a new direction in life. Yes, Seth as a mortal who had everything: money, peace of mind and love, lacked direction. The choice he made comes with attached Terms and Conditions, yes. But also makes him something else , something new and someone who matters. He was lost as a mortal, he has found his way now and in a way , one can even see how he was supposed to, from the start: it makes sense and it fits his character arc.

We can almost say that Seth was meant to be like this. Plus, dear lord, the man is kick-ass now. He is, has always been since book 1, my favorite character, especially now. As for Ash, boy, is the girl in dire straights. Becoming the Summer Queen at such tender age and having to deal with manipulative faeries who are hundreds of years old and very used to their way of living is not easy.

Then, the only person that she sees as her friend, fails her or so she thinks , what is one to do? At times, Ash comes across as too indecisive and too trusting but these are all hang-ups from her mortality and utterly understandable.

She has a lot of growing up to do still — and a lot of important choices to make. Should I go on? Because I can. It is a tragic story, theirs. But will a lot of potential still. The Court that has less contact with the mortal world and at first glance the one that has less impact in it. She is the Unchangeable One — the one that has always been the High Queen and will always be.

Lastly, Keenan, the Summer King needs to be mentioned. I detest the guy with the strength of a million supernovas.

The guy is the only one without a moral compass — none whatsoever. Every single character in this book has a moral compass of sorts. Niall does as well. Ash is holding back her Faery side to keep some of her mortality. Donia is holding back her utter coldness. He totally embraces who he is — good and bad. Part of me thinks, well, this is awesome. But I kind of understand where he is coming from — out of all the characters, he is the only one to have been born a monarch.

He was bound and cursed for hundreds of years by his mother and now that he is finally free, the idea of limits, of holding back must be terrifying to him.


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Summary: from amazon. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen. No brainer. Ana: Fragile Eternity was high on my list of most anticipated reads of That book had 4 main characters but only 3 of them had point of views. Seth was the character that was left out and even so, he was my favorite character.


Joint Review: Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Mortal affections and faery rivalries continue to collide in the town of Huntsdale, as New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr takes urban fantasy to new heights. After the terrible events of Ink Exchange, the Dark Court has a new ruler. But will Niall's kindness survive his new responsibility to the most violent of Faerie courts? Meanwhile, Seth and Aislinn attempt to mend their relationship. But Aislinn is the Summer Queen and Keenan is her king - and as summer approaches, their chemistry sparks. Will Seth's mortality lose him the one thing he loves above all others?

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