Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? June 04, , PM. Sairam, From today i will share with u all the great saint..

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? June 04, , PM. Sairam, From today i will share with u all the great saint.. It is composed by Das ganu in marathi. It has 21 chapters. I seek Baba's grace to bless me this. Oh great Gajanan maharaj please forgive me.. All saints are one.. May sai fullfill all our desire.. Jai sadguru sainath.

Shri Ganesha, You are famous for Your generosity and valour. O Gouriputra, all intellectuals and saints first remember You before starting any work. With Your powerful Blessings all obstructions are just like cotton before fire. So I solemnly bow at Thy feet and invoke Your blessings to bring out the best and the sweetest poetic recitation of my narration. I am ignorant, dull and have no qualities of a poet.

But if You bless me, my work will be done. Now my obeisance I give to "Adi Maya Saraswati-Sharada", who is born of Brahma and who is a great inspiration to the poets. Next I pay my obeisance to Jagadamba, to whom I pray for upholding my self-respect. Her blessings are so great that with her "Ashis" even a lame will climb a mountain and a dumb become a good orator.

In keeping with that reputation kindly help Dasganu to write this book of Shri Gajanan. You are the sole supporter of this universe and occupy every animate and inanimate object here. You are the creator of everything, omnipotent and You command all the universal actions. You are this world, the life in this world and also the ultimate power. You are Saguna, Nirguna, my father and also my mother.

O Purushottama You are so great that I am too small to comprehend You. Shri Rama blessed the monkeys who thereafter gained enormous strength. Same thing happened with the Cowherd boys of Gokula. Saints have said that money is not required to receive Thy favour. A complete surrender at Your feet earns us the support from You.

That is why I have come to Your door. Please do not disappoint me. O Bhavanivara, Nilkantha, Gangadhara, Onkarrupa. Trimbakeshwara bless me. Now Your favour is "Paras" and I am iron. Kindly help and do not disappoint me. Nothing is impossible for You since every thing is in Your hands. Kindly come quickly and help this child of Yours to compose this book. Now my obeisance I pay to my family Deity who resides at Kolhapur.

I beseech Her to bless me with everything auspicious. Then I pay my obeisance to Dattatraya and request Him for inspiration to sing in praise of Gajanan. My obeisance to all the saints and sages who should, by holding my hand, get this writing done. I bow to them.

By the kind grace of You all only, I shall be able to write this book. So be kind to me. Only the real affection can teach a child to speak; and I share a relationship with you as that of a child with the mother. Pen writes letters, but not by itself. A pen is only a means for writing. Dasganu is a pen and I beseech all the saints to hold it to write and make this biography melodious.

Now listeners, get ready and listen single-mindedly to the biography of a saint for your good. On this earth, saints are Gods, ocean of renunciation, and giver of Moksha. Saints are the embodiment of all that is good, sacred and full on sanctity. Now calmly listen to the life story of such a Saint.

Saints never deceive anybody. They are full of wisdom that guides us on the path leading to the ultimate truth. God Himself is indebted to those who surrender themselves at the feet of the saints. Now with an open mind listen to the biography of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. No other country is as fortunate as Bharat in being a birthplace of so many saints and therefore it has never fallen short of any happiness so far. It is so because, since time immemorial, our land continuously has had the touch of sacred feet of saints.

Madhawa, Vallabha, Ramanuja, the able defenders of our religion, too were born here. Intense devotion of Princess Mirabai made lord Vishnu swallow poison for her. The great deeds performed by the supreme yogis like Shri Goraknath, Macchindra and Jalander are described in detail in the sacred book "Navanath".

God became "Mahar" for Damajipant. I only suggest you to read the sacred books "Bhakti Vijay" and "Bhaktimala". After that I have composed songs in praise of three saints and equal to them is Shri Gajanan Maharaj who greatly influenced the public. With my good fortune, I am now getting an opportunity to write this detailed biography of this great saint.

In fact, He was first seen by me at Akot, but His biography is being written by me last for the following reasons. First we prepare a plain garland and the middle gem Merumani in it is attached at last. So the story of Shri Gajanan Maharaj is like that Merumani. Shegaon, a small village in Khamgaon Taluka of Berar is a great market center.

Though a small village, it gained importance due to this Saint and became a world famous place. In this Shegaon Lake, a lotus in the form of Shri Gajanan Maharaj has sprung up and its fragrance spread all over the universe.

Shri Gajanan Maharaj is a diamond of Shegaon mine and I, with my limited intelligence, wish to narrate His glory. Please listen to it and do not forget that you can attain "Moksha" by complete surrender at His feet. Shri Gajanan biography is like a cloud and you the peacocks.

The rain in the form of Shri Gajanan stories will make you dance in gaiety. People of Shegaon are really fortunate to get Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Good deeds only can invoke the blessings of Saints who are superior even to Gods. It was in fact my long cherished desire to sing in praise of Shri Gajanan, but was not getting the opportunity.

Shri Maharaj seem to have understood my wish and so made Ramchandra Patil a tool for the fulfilment of that desire. Nobody can know the designs of great saints like Shri Gajanan Maharaj who was a gem amongst the saints. Historically, nothing is known about His caste, creed or place of origin, like Brahma whose origin nobody knows. Like a brilliant diamond we should only appreciate its brilliance and not bother about the mine of its origin. Some say that he came from Sajjangad the place of Shri Ramdas Swami.

Though there is no sufficient proof to accept this fact, it may have some sense in it. There was wide spread corruption and misery and it is possible that Shri Ramdas Swami, for the good of the people, took rebirth as Gajanan Maharaj. Yogis can enter anybody and many saints have done so in the past. Gorakh was born in dustbin, Kanifa in the ear of elephant and Changdeo in the "Narayan Doha" - all unlike the traditional human birth.

Same may be the case of Shri Gajanan Maharaj - the king of Yogis. It will be seen from His actions that Shri Maharaj had a detailed knowledge of all yogic feats. Yoga has got a unique importance incomparable with anything else. Shri Gajanan appeared in Shegaon on 7th Vadya Magh for the spiritual liberation of the sinners.

It so happened that there was one pious Brahmin named Devidas Paturkar at Shegaon and to celebrate the puberty function of his son he had arranged a lunch for his friends. The leftover food from the plates was thrown out-side the house and Shri Gajanan Maharaj was seen sitting near that food.

He had a worn out old shirt on His body, a dry gourd for drinking water, a pipe of clay for smoking and nothing else. His body was lustrous like the rising sun and eyes concentrated at the tip of nose indicative of His yogic strength. Sitting by the roadside He was picking particles of food thrown there. His action of picking up the food particles from the leaf plates lying on road was to convey to the common man that food is Brahma.


Gajanan Maharaj

Gajanan Maharaj Temple is the reason why visitor, mostly pilgrims, visit Shegaon. The Temple is the Gajanan Maharaj Temple shegaon is a spirutual experiance. Discipline, cleanliness and blessings The temple is a must visit for all Gajanan Mahajan devotees or those who believe in the teacher. I guess there was a call from the maharaj and we were blessed to visit this divine place.


Shree Gajanan Maharaj - Pothi (TDIRE139E)

He is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya and Lord Ganesha. It is not known when he was born but his first known appearance in Shegaon , perhaps as a youngster in his 20s, dates to February The early life history of Gajanan Maharaj is obscure; his birth date is unknown. He is said to have made his first appearance on 23 February in Shegaon. This book mentions different version of Shri Gajanan Maharaj's origin from that explained by Ramaraju.


Shree Gajanan Maharaj Pothi


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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi Hindi


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