Samael Aun Weor referred to his teachings as "The Doctrine of Synthesis", which not only emphasizes the existence of the perennial philosophy , but that its highest teleological function is the accomplishment of "Christification" and "Final Liberation". His childhood and family life are not well known, except that he had a brother, and his father remarried after a divorce. He was sent to a Roman Catholic Jesuit school but soon quit disillusioned by religion; he was twelve years old at the time. Between the time after World War II and his death in , Krumm-Heller resumed contact with his Latin America students, where he encountered and subsequently mentored Victor Rodriguez who would subsequently take the name Samael Aun Weor.

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Original e Absoluto. Que tolos! Samael Aun Weor. Paz Inverencial! Seremos auxiliados e francamente, com sinceridade. Os Magos Brancos pod O casal que pratica o grande Arcano A. A Virgem do Mar guia o Alquimista. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

See more of Gnose - Gnosis - Gnosticismo on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Tatiana Helmet. Mcarmen Espinosa Tapia. Machado Loiola de Cristo. Information about Page Insights Data. These couples of eternal lovers practice gnostic transcendental sexology, rather than fornication. The Sacred Fire of Love only ascends and remains alive, between the man and woman who live in Perfect Matrimony. For this, it is necessary to disintegrate from you the desires of the ego, so that the Divine Chispa of Love is free and can wake up.

This living and abrasing sacred fire is a wonderful ecstasy and impossible to describe, so to know it, you have to experience it, experience it. Supra-sexuality, consists of the loving sexual union between spouses, without reaching orgasm or spill of semen, but rather, its sublimation and transmutation.

Transcendental sexology is known as: - Great Arcane A. Original and Absolute. Send Message. Such subjects claim to receive messages from our Lord Jesus Christ and founded stores and societies with decrepit and stults elders. We, the Gnostics, enter the Church of Christ, which is the Holy Gnostic Church, but how difficult it is to get to have the privilege of even touching the edge of the Master's sandals. How difficult and hard it is to obtain the prerogative to kiss the feet of the Divine Majesty of Our Lord the Christ!

However, these mediums, deceived by astral larvae, claim to have communication with Solar Logos, with Christ. What fools! Infrasexual cannot support this energy, however, they feel comfortable with the energy of negative entities and astral larvae. A Master of the Great White Fraternity, when he wants to fulfill a mission and send a message to humanity, sends his bodhisatwa, that is born, grows and prepares to fulfill such a mission.

This is how Jesus and his disciples did it, to represent the Great Cosmic Drama. No authentic Master uses other people's "vehicle" but yours. It is of paramount importance not to fall into the traps of the trevosos, but rather, to be faithful to our intimate, just like Jesus the Christ, who bravely resisted the temptations of Satan and his sequences. Deixa-se esfriar e aplica-se esse preparado em panos molhados sobre as costas. Samael Aun Weor Translated. How to conquer and keep calm, concentration and balance?

Both in the physical world and also in the astral world fifth dimension it is essential to be calm, calm, balanced and aligned in a rectum: - think, - feel, - and act. We need to focus on what we are doing in the present moment, without allowing the mind to take us to the present or the future, taking our concentration and becoming mechanical creatures, acting unconscious.

Getting conscious thoughts, feelings and attitudes becomes possible through self-observation of: mind, heart, sex. This simple but difficult technique due to our ill will makes it possible to show for ourselves, every time an undesirable psychological aggregate tries to sabotage us and use our human machine, to satisfy selfish desires that unbalance us and act in a way unconscious. Instead of letting us be carried away by these manifestations of ego that lead us to live in extremes, whether in euphoria or depression, pleasure or pain, wickedness or fear, passion or loneliness, slander or be slandered, In frenzy or anguish, victims of passion desires and spiritual void, we need to "watch and pray".

The manifestations that lead us to imbalance and make us fall into temptation depart from the ego that is composed of the 7 capital sins: - lust, - laziness, - greed, - envy, - proud, - s, s, s, - wrath.

The ego makes us fall into temptation and does not allow us not to walk firm on the spiritual path that leads to the Great Treasure of Light. Through self-observation from moment to moment, from moment to moment it becomes possible to understand the manifestation of the details of the ego and ask the divine mother to disintegrate them radically from our interior.

In a simple and natural way, we ask: - " Divine Mother, take away from me this defect and disintegrate it! The more Free Essence we conquer, the easier we have to: - unfolding in conscious astral, - meditate and so go more and more awakening our consciousness objectively, - ego is a legion that makes us scattered, unstructured and unbalanced, but our divine essence is part of a perfect multiple unit and as such, makes us calm, peaceful, concentrated, balanced, with appropriate energy to undertake a work each and more serious about you in order to conquer the awakening of consciousness in an objective way and the intimate self-realization of being.

Inverential Peace! Inquestionavelmente, essas pessoas odeiam mortalmente a doutrina dos muitos "eus". Samael Aun Weor As superior and lower are two sections of the same thing, it is no exaggeration to settle the following corollary: superior self and lower me are two aspects of the same dark and pluralized ego. The so-called divine self, superior self, alter ego or something like is certainly an evasive of myself, a form of self-deception.

When the " me " wants to continue living, here and beyond, self-deceives by the false concept of divine, immortal " self None of us have a true, permanent, unchanging, eternal, ineffable self, etc. None of us actually have a true and authentic unity of Being. Unfortunately, we don't even have legitimate individuality. The ego, although it continues beyond the grave, however, has a beginning and an end. The ego, the self, is never individual, unitary, unite-total. Obviously, the ego is "me".

In East Tibet the "eu" are called psychic aggregates or simply values - whether positive or negative. If you think that every "me" is a different person, we can emphatically say the following: within every person living in the world there are many people.

Without a doubt, within each of us live many different people; some better; others, worse. Each of these "self", each of these people, fights for supremacy; whether to be exclusive, wants to control the intellectual brain or emotional and motor centers, whenever you can, until another replaces it..

The doctrine of the many "me" was taught in East Tibet by true clairvoyants, by the authentic enlightened. Each of our psychological defects is personalized in just like "me". As we have thousands and even millions of flaws, it is evident and ostensive that a lot of people live inside us. In psychological terms, we could clearly show that paranoid subjects, egolaters and mythomans, for nothing of this world would abandon the cult of dear ego.

Unquestionably, these people mortally hate the doctrine of the many "me". When we truly want to know ourselves, we must self-observe and try to know the different "self" that are involved in our personality. If any of our readers have not yet understood the doctrine of the many "me", this is exclusively due to the lack of practice in the field of self-observation.

As we practice inner self-observation, we discover, for ourselves, the many "us", the many people who live in our own personality. Those who deny the doctrine of the many " us ", those who worship a divine " self " have undoubtedly never seriously observed themselves. Speaking now in socratic style, we will say that these people do not only ignore it, otherwise they still ignore that they ignore. Surely, we can never be able to know ourselves without serious and deep self-observation.

As long as someone continues to consider themselves one, it is clear that any inner change will be something more than impossible. Jardim do Caminho Secreto. Other planetary humanities watch us; they know the terrible moment we live. We will be assisted and frankly, honestly. This time, the righteous will not pay for the sinners, as once happened, and that time has passed. You don't need me to jump a meter, with inches that rise from the ground you already know if it's physically or not.

There is the false interpretation of the mysteries of sex. White Magi powers of light never spill the semen. Black wizards powers of darkness always spill semen. Black wizards trevoses bring down the serpent to the atomic hell of man Kunartiguador organ. Chastity does not refer to celibacy, but rather, in the sublimation and transmutation of the sacred sexual energy, without reaching orgasm and no spill of the semen entity..

To win this battle and conquer the light, it is necessary to study and practice the Three Factors of Gnostic Awareness Revolution. The couple who practice the great Arcane A. Pistis Sophia. Marah is therefore an unfolding of our divine private Glorian. Isis, Mary, is our own being, derived.

Mary is God-Mother in us, the Virgin of the Sea. Isis, Marah, is the unfolding of the Holy Spirit within each of us. Mary, ISIS, possess wisdom, love and power. Isis, Marah, Tonantzin, teach us, guide us, direct us.

The Virgin of the Sea guides the Alchemist. It is the Star that guides us in the stormy ocean.


Samael Aun Weor

Welcome to the Gnostic meet up group in Charlotte and its surroundings;we invite people with different faith backgrounds and with the yearning to know themselves in an integral way to join and participate on our meetings in which we will provide not only the intellectual information but also the emotional information through meditation practices and topics like philosophy,kabalah,alchemy,astrology,psychology and esoteric principles. Gnosis is a practical way of knowledge in wich anyperson can aproach their inner reality beyond the mind and betond beliefs. In this first class we will talk about Gnosis and Meditation as a mean of attaining self-gnosis or Knowledge of ourselves. The objective of Gnosis The mission of Gnosticism in this age is to deliver the method and means for the work of the realization of the inner Man in each one of us; the attainment of this transcendental objective depends on our cooperation with the Being. The divorce between science and art, philosophy and mysticism has provoked the deterioration of this generation. The Gnostic teachings are based on the communion between science, art, philosophy and mysticism; they seek to rescue the highest values of the human being in order to be able to comprehend that life is empty without the pursuit of transcendence and the self-realization of the Being. This would not be possible without the development of superior emotion, which humanizes science, sublimates art, elevates philosophy and crystallizes mysticism.





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