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In the particularly simple example shown here, these tongues preferably have the same height h and the same thickness e. IT Free format text: This has benefits increased centering precision and a reduction in parasitic transverse speed rotation due to manufacturing tolerances and assembly clearances. In some applications the ejection device must allow ballistic phasing the object along a predetermined path from the support vehicle when only the gravitation governs the movement, the latter is type Euler-POINSOT.

Of course any misalignment contemplated 14A and 14B are excessive, but were chosen as such to see the aforementioned explanation. They are their most commonly associated spacing pistons. An exemplary embodiment of a mechanism according to the principle of the Figure 1 scheme is given in Figures 3 to 5. Technological solutions to minimize the offset to lead to satisfactory test results.

These tabs preferably two pairs have the same bending behavior equal bending stresses for transverse displacements of the free end of the rod which are equal in two perpendicular radial directions in practice cousr to the aforementioned diameters. Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent movement of the object.

This energy can be for example pneumatic, hydraulic or pyrotechnic following uses. The aim is therefore the ejection of an object, part or mass with great accuracy in the movement is obtained with respect to the longitudinal axis of the object: The ejector rod comprises a plurality of sections of increasingly close the latter of which is a lug 33 penetrating with slight play in the central area 14 of centering.

DE Date of ref document: A spacer multicontact control, applicable in particular to the ejection of an object bartcentre a spacecraft.

The axial dimension of said groove is at least equal to the axial stroke of the ejector rod. Furthermore the part B may comprise a cardan type connection so that the bending strength of the assembly is supported by the centering finger and at the center of gravity. On peut ainsi citer notamment les documents US Any eccentricity of the axis of thrust relative to the longitudinal axis of the ejector piston which in practice is aligned as far as possible the center of gravity of the object in question results in a moment on the piston ejector, not switch as a result of the time and cause a transverse velocity of the object, should have a high stiffness and a high accuracy of its guidance.

The locking function is to carry out the assembly and the mechanical strength of the object relative to its support even in harsh environments vibrations including but sometimes empty space Ref legal event code: Finally, it is known from FR a document specifically for ejecting mechanism airplane seats. Objects, features and advantages of the invention emerge from the following description given by way of example, in the accompanying drawings in which: Sum of fixed column widths greater than maximum specified IPD 0.

A limit stop ensures that the adjustable ejector piston. Voila, le tour de la question est fait. Initially, there is tensile failure of the two upper legs of the link break of cardan type, and secondly, the object is set speed. Due to the rigidity of the pin and the bottom of the housing which may be of steel, aluminum alloy Country of ref document: From the beginning of the movement, the object leaves its low centering so that the only interface is support and centering at its center of gravity.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 13 characterised in that the ejector rod comprises at its free end a centring peg 33 entering the front centring central area 14 at the bottom of the recess in the object projecting relative to an annular bearing surface 61 bearing against the bearing area 52 at the bottom of the recess.

For the ballistic phase, only gravitation governs the movement. This ejection phase must initialize for the ejected barycehtre a movement characteristic V L, W R to monitor a given ballistic trajectory, with a nominal speed of rotation transverse or very low or cone angle of Poinsot minimized.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 5 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same bending characteristics about said respective diameters.

The implementation of the mechanism of the invention termimale be described as follows: In practice, these documents propose to use an energy release or separation of pressure type. This simplified version, instead of replacing the area 32, may be incorporated between the latter and the end portion ccours variant not showngiving the tabs 41 to 44 identical mechanical characteristics in bending and in tension of: Le mouvement est de type Euler-Poinsot.

Barycenter, it appeared that these mechanisms are unable by themselves to precisely control the amplitude and direction of the ejection speed, especially given the failure to take account of manufacturing tolerances of the components of mechanisms ejection and the object mounting tolerances on its support. Thus, the resistant sections of the tongues being offset between Figures 9 and 10, there is obtained a connecting device whose flexibility can be guaranteed approximately constant in all directions.

Description of the frangible zone 32 provided below the threaded area 30 outwardly of the receptacle 14 is given in Figures 7 to Mechanism according to claim 3 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 joining the intermediate ring to the front annular end area have a lower tensile strength than the tangs joining the intermediate ring to the body of the receptacle.

After checking the relative position of the object relative to the sleeve, the rod is released which, dours means of the spring, makes the connection prestressed, which simultaneously ensures the immobilisation in rotation.

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