PSW - the youngest in the original five low-frequency systems with multiple thousands of indices in the name. Subwoofer is perfectly equipped. Available - full set of terminals both high-and low-amplitude. Before exiting, and low-and high-amplitude signals are corrected high-pass filter, which makes it easier frontal acoustics and improves the quality of coordination. Phase emission varies smoothly.

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Thread starter Bullitt Start date Dec 14, Tags kef. Bullitt Standard Member. Hello folks, my 17 yo budget subwoofer is faulty, clicking rapidly and no output. I will try to repair but suspect a replacement will be required. It has a down firing 8" driver ported and 80W amp. I am desperate to keep a sub in the system but really have no budget.

Last edited: Dec 14, Gasp Well-known Member. Bullitt said:. Thank you Gasp. That is just the info I was after. My local "hifi" shop just didn't have clue what I required, instead trying to sell me a baby REL. I always knew my17 yo KEF was very average with a loose bass that however did shake the sofa without being overbearing , but like you say we do not really know what to expect only what we get used to. Items for sale by colosussxb eBay Shop eBay for great deals from colosussxb!

Okay Gasp thanks, you have me thinking and researching the P12 You seem to know your stuff, so may I ask how do I decide between downward firing and forward? I have read in the past that both have their merits. My sub will probably sit in a corner on fairly thick wool carpet on underlay on a solid concrete so am I correct to assume downward will suit me?

Platinum PSB. Thanks Gasp. With great help from this forum I have discovered my old KEF has a very common design fault that may be fairly straightforward to repair, for the sake of a couple of pounds on a capacitor it would be daft not to try. However I have opened a can of worms that reveals that there are many issues with the amp in this subwoofer; and considering it is not the best quality sounding speaker I am increasingly tempted to invest in a BK.

I will update you nearer to Christmas. Apologies for the delay. I have yet to discover why it was B grade; it is finished in a very high quality Black Ash effect with rounded edges that would struggle to harm even a lively toddler. The rear amplifier section is also impressively built with quality switches and adjusters.

To be honest BK Electronics website appears somewhat amateur compared with other speaker companies such as Monitor Audio, but I am extremely impressed with this product as it sits in front of me. Easily connected with the long IEC mains and phono cables supplied. This reduced the subwoofer output by 8dB from my casual estimate and set the lower crossovers for my other seven full range speakers at Hz.

Listening to music via only the front stereo speakers and sub is excellent; a solid quality bass from jazz and acoustic rock. I really miss the warm powerful tone of my old 80s Arcam Delta amp, but am pleased that my budget Marantz amp and BX2 speakers now produces that same sound but with the high frequency detail that the old Arcam simply cannot.

Music is a joy again. Blu rays and Dolby Digital television programmes are amazing now; the depth and solidity to soundtracks truly reinforces the power and drama in the scenes. But nothing prepared us for the astonishing power that physically shakes your whole body and compresses your chest. The first few minutes of Transformers Age of Extinction is almost constantly accompanied by sub-bass and is impressive, battle scenes in Gladiator are so immersive but, a little known film, Chronicle with teenagers discovering super powers not just moved us but truly shook my whole room.

And let me make it clear volume is not uncomfortably high, the subwoofer levels were set by Audyssey and the bass never booms or sounds annoying; it all sounds natural. This is how the directors and sound engineers want us to experience their films. I cannot compare the BK XXLS with other subs, but can truly recommend a powerful subwoofer to greatly improve any audio video setup. Just a quick update. I have repaired the KEF sub by replacing three electrolytic capacitors and all is well.

Difficult decision Sorry, Gasp. Yes I was joking about; like you say a toy. I have sold it to a friend after soak testing it. It would have been like driving an Aston Martin over the Christmas break then deciding to keep my old Mini. Clond Novice Member. Interesting to hear your views on BK. I had a big car jbl boxed 12inch that I spaded to the amp and it is unruffled at way higher volume. Does this sound like a coil on the MS has gone. It's a beast of a magnet on it so can it be fixed.

What BK can sit on par because they are not ported or have passive extras. Hope someone might know a bit on here! Clond said:. Monolith FF - DF. You must log in or register to reply here.

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