This espresso machine comes in the electronic and semiautomatic versions, giving you the option between programmable automatic dose settings or free-flow delivery. The difference between the S8 and the S9 is how they are operated. Personal preference is likely to be the deciding factor between these two machines. Both of these espresso machines feature Electronic boiler refilling, electric heating systems and a double pressure gauge for the boiler and the pump. The boiler temperature is display on the the LED screen. Two steam wands allow large amounts of milk to be frothed for coffee specialities whilst the hot water wand enables infusions to be made.

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The La Spaziale S9 was introduced to add more defining aesthetics to the very successful S5 model. Features include:. The Spaziale S9 has levers instead of knobs for turning on the steam wands and hot water, a preferred method amongst the purist La Spaziale lovers, and some very striking designs which makes the S9 an attractive choice. Models are available in 2,3 and 4 groups and in standard and high group heads, and a compact 2 group version also in standard and high group.

Again these machines are hand built with pride in Italy using only the best components in manufacture. For more information on this product please fill in your details below and we will get back to you shortly. La Spaziale S9 Espresso Machine. Programable automatic dose setting. LCD temperature control screen. Boiler pressure control. Electronic boiler refill. Power Supply: v, 13 amp. Video Coming Soon…. You might also like Ask us a question.

A popular and profitable income stream has been added to our business with no loss of alcohol turnover. The advice and help in make the choice and installation was also excellent and trouble free. Alan supplies us with fantastic coffee and the customer service has always been outstanding! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this website you consent to the terms set out in our privacy policy Ok.


La Spaziale S9 EK DSP (2 Group) Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine

Doing some research on the La Spaziale S9 to see if it's the right espresso machine for your business? We're sharing crucial information in this review to guide you. With volumetric dosing, baristas can simply program the water volume for the espresso into the machine and each espresso shot will be dosed accordingly. This is a tool you can give your baristas to replicate perfectly measured espresso for every customer.

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La Spaziale S9 Review – Should Your Business Get This Machine?



La Spaziale S9



La Spaziale S9 EK2 DSP


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