Airport Information. Longest Runway. Magnetic Variance. Fuel Type. JET A-1 fuel is available.

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Airport Information. Longest Runway. Magnetic Variance. Fuel Type. JET A-1 fuel is available. Unspecified oxygen facilities are available on prior request. Repair Facility. Major Major airframe engine repairs repairs are are available. Landing Fee. There is a landing fee. Jet Start Unit. Precision Approach. One or more charts for the airport support precision approaches.

Beacon Light. Customs Facilities. Customs are available without restriction. Usage Type. Time Zone Conversion. Daylight Savings. Airport observes daylight savings time. Change Notices Available. Terminal Chart Change Notices. Pilots shall observe the engine operation instructions included in the operating manuals to reduce the noise impact of landing and take-off.

Flying over the hospital of Purpan is permanently prohibited. Except for safety reasons, the ACFT captain must apply these rules. All operators, undertaking flight to or from Blagnac APT have to publish in their operating manuals, in respect of each ACFT its classification and the cumulative margin.

This exemption will end on October 30th,. Dispensation: None of the ACFT turbojet fitted, meeting the Chapter 3 noise standards, for which the cumulative margin between 8 and 10 EPNdB is allowed to take off or to land in the slot LT from Blagnac APT if the owner cannot prove that the aircraft has been used on this airfield between April 1st, and March 31st, This exemption will end on April 1st, Dispensations from the above specified regulations can be exeptionally given by the minister in charge for civil aviation.

These restrictions do not apply to humanitarian, ambulance, government flights, flights in emergency situations due to flight safety reasons, or flights of ACFT mentioned in article L of the French Transport Code. Reverse thrust or propeller reverse pitch other than idle shall not be used for landings except for safety reasons. Engine run-up tests must be carried out on 'Bikini' run-up area and the protected run-up area located on St Martin Lagardere site.

Between LT run-ups are prohibited. These restrictions do not apply to short tests less than5minutes and performed at idling power not exceeding that power used for starting and taxiing sequences. Use of TWY M4 only on specific control clearances. Unusable with RVR m or less. Wa Wa rn rni in ng: g: Push-back clearance is valid for 1 minute only.

Stand G8 available for helicopters. Marshaller mandatory on all parking stands. To reduce ACFT noise nuisances and as long as the flight safety is not jeopard- ized, instrument approaches must respect the following criteria:. Visual approaches are prohibited, except:. For a missed approach during visual approach:. When on final approach it is recommended to avoid power or thrust increases whenever possible.

In both cases, level and speed constraints related to the intercepted CDO apply to. DTGs related to published restriction points. Advise ATC if unable to comply. Flights must be operated with noise abatement climbing procedure at departure.

All instrument take-offs must comply with the initial clearance issued by ATC, except in specific cases or by ATC clearance. In case of lack of response 3 MIN before the scheduled start-up time, the aircrew should contact the preflight frequency to obtain departure clearance.

The DCL service should not be initiated by the air- crew if their scheduled flight plan does not comply with the published SID and. Unless otherwise mentioned in the message, the DCL means start-. Apt Elev. Trans alt: '. AB NDB. CS NDB. CL NDB. AG NDB. TW NDB. LF P MAX KT. N44 N43 D9 TOU. Alt Set: hPa.

Trans level: By ATC. E N44 E N43 D45 TOU. D D38 TOU. N42 MAX KT 1 min. D27 TOU. TOU R TOU D H If not possible to cross turn GAI in R Gnd speed-KT. TOU 4 NM. These gradients SIDs of require minimum climb. FL ', due then to. ATC purposes. GAI 5A. FL70 ', due then to. GAI 5B, 5H. Initial climb clearance. GAI 5B. GAI 5H. Intercept GAI.

TOU R, at. D8 TOU. If requesting unable to enroute comply clearance. MEN 5A. MEN 5B. MEN 5H. R T O U. These of SIDs require minimum climb gradients. FL70 ', due then to ATC.


Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

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LFBO - Toulouse-Blagnac Airport



Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (Blagnac) TLS Karte & Diagramm


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