It is a hybrid language, typically written in the Grantha script , which combines Sanskrit lexicon and Tamil morpho-syntax. Mani-pravalam literally means ruby-coral , [5] and it likely played a role in the emergence of the Malayalam language and script from Tamil-Brahmi, Tamil and Sanskrit. The Kerala scholars distinguished Manipravalam from Pattu , the former being significantly influenced by Sanskrit and later predominantly Tamil. The 14th-century Lilatilakakara text states Manipravalam to be a bhasya language where "Malayalam and Sanskrit should combine together like ruby and coral, without the least trace of any discord". Dramatic performances given in Koothambalams , known by the names of Koothu and Koodiyattam , often used Sanskrit and Tamil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Name a book written in that language. Manipravalam literary means'diamonds and corals'and refers to the two languages Sanskrit and the regional language. Lilatilakam which deals with grammar and poetics was composed in Manipravalam. Recommend 3 Comment 0. Aruna kumari Sripada. OR Manipravalam was a literary style that consisted of a mixture of early Malayalam and Sanskrit. The word Manipravalam means diamonds and corals. Malayalam and Sanskrit were the two languages referred to as Manipravalam.

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When Malayalam met Sanskrit, many centuries ago

Manipravalam, a beautiful fusion of Malayalam and Sanskrit, was crafted by Kerala elites Namboodiri Brahmins as a distinct literary tongue. Many centuries ago, a Dravidian language and an Indo-Aryan language were fused together to fashion a distinctly new literary idiom. It was an interesting exercise, this marriage of languages from two separate language families. It produced several fascinating literary works and also had something of a lasting effect on the poetics and script of the Dravidian language. In medieval Kerala, around the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, the elite, especially the Namboodiri Brahmins, crafted a language that blended early Malayalam with Sanskrit to fashion a distinct literary tongue referred to as Manipravalam.


What is "manipravalam"

Toggle nav. Manipravalam Macaronic was a literary style used in medieval liturgical texts in South India, which used an admixture of Tamil and Sanskrit. Manipravalam is termed a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil. Tamil language was the language of the region, part of Tamilakam, at the time of Manipravalam's genesis and use and its introduction caused a significant transition of Malayalam from Tamil in Kerala. Mani-pravalam literally means ruby-coral , where Mani means ruby in Tamil while Pravalam means Coral in Sanskrit. Malayalam is referred to as ruby and Sanskrit as coral.



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What is Manipravalam?Name a book written in that language.


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