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For Oracle tuning professionals wishing to add more tools to their Oracle tuning toolbox, this guidebook introduces the various tuning analytical tools and helpful strategies to make the database easier to use. Details describe how to extract information from the database and use it to determine and increase efficiency. It also provides specific steps with detailed information on how to congeal large amounts of database performance information into one pool from which the DBA can carefully choose tuning options based on what is predicted, all to give them the biggest improvement in performance for the least time and money investment.

Sample code, sample code results, and guidelines on how to interpret the results help users manipulate code in an effective way. With countless hints, tips, and tools, the guide fully explains how to work with the Oracle system on order to achieve database performance excellence. Oracle Tuning : The Definitive Reference. Donald K. Introduction to Oracle Tuning.

Time Series Tuning for Oracle. Predictive Modeling. Inside the AWR Tables. AWR System Statistics. Oracle Instance Tuning. Server Network Tuning Monitoring RAM usage. Rebuilding Indexes. Goals of SQL Tuning. Roadblocks to SQL Tuning. The Advisory Sections. Oracle Wait Event Tuning. Oracle Trace Utility. Oracle Server Monitoring. Oracle CPU Tuning.

Tuning the IO Subsystem. Oracle and Direct IO. External Tables and SQL. Inside Oracle Views. Oracle Join Elimination. Identifying Problem SQL. Oracle Delete Tuning. Monitoring SQL workload activity. Oracle Data Warehouse Tuning. Burleson is one of the world's top Oracle Database experts with more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience. He lives in Kittrel, North Carolina. Using the Online Code Depot.

Oracle Tuning.


Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference

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Oracle High-Performance SQL Tuning

Oracle Tuning : The Definitive Reference. Donald K. Oracle has become the world's most flexible and robust database and along with great power comes great complexity. This complexity requires that the DBA have expert knowledge of Oracle internals. This book provides a thorough step-by-step approach for holistic Oracle tuning in this challenging information technology era. It represents the knowledge accumulated from tuning thousands of Oracle databases.

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