Castillo del Real. Archivo delegado. Cerro Largo South orientation. This work is about Cerro Largo South orientation. The site is located in the northeast of Uruguay in the south of Melo city, Department of Cerro Largo. The study was carried out in the young edge socket in the East side of a small valley.

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Castillo del Real. Archivo delegado. Cerro Largo South orientation. This work is about Cerro Largo South orientation. The site is located in the northeast of Uruguay in the south of Melo city, Department of Cerro Largo. The study was carried out in the young edge socket in the East side of a small valley.

This metamorphic socket constituted by gneisses and crystalline limestone are in contact with upper carboniferous formations and basal deposits composed by sandstones and conglomerates. People first in the Philippines: Gelia Castillo. Gelia Castillo , a specialist in rural sociology whose ideas have influenced policymakers in government, international development circles, and academe, pioneered the concept of participatory development.

Born into a poor family, her father convinced her that academic achievement was the key to her future; her academic training includes a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of the Philippines, a Master's in rural sociology from Pennsylvania State University, and a Doctorate from Cornell University. She served as professor of rural sociology at the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines, and published extensively on women's roles, the sex roles of Filipino adolescents, agricultural school administration, the team approach in community development, rice and potato farming, the changing social images in a developing society, and the protein gap.

She underscored the definition of "household" and observed that the role of women and children contributes greatly to the dynamics of society. Her husband, Leopoldo Castillo , an animal nutritionist who is now professor emeritus at the Institute of Animal Science, has long supported his wife's career.

The mother of two daughters and one son was the only female member of the board of the International Potato Center for 6 years and served on the boards of the IDRC, the International Service for National Agriculture Research, and the International Council for Research in Agroforestry. At 66, and retired, she believes affirmative action is necessary and that the feminist movement has only helped professional women.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Overview of Cerro Prieto studies. The studies performed on the Cerro Prieto geothermal field, Mexico, since the late 's are summarized.

Emphasis is given to those activities leading to the identification of the sources of heat and mass, the fluid flow paths, and the phenomena occurring in the field in its natural state and under exploitation.

Castillo 's work is popular not only with the general reading public but in many academic circles as well. What sets Castillo apart from so many other Chicana fiction writers is that she is also a….

Geothermal drilling in Cerro Prieto. The number of characteristics of the different wells that have been drilled in the Cerro Prieto geothermal field to date enable one to summarize the basic factors in the applied technology, draw some conclusions, improve systems and procedures, and define some problems that have not yet been satisfactorily solved, although the existing solution is the best now available. For all practical purposes, the wells drilled in the three areas or blocks into which the Cerro Prieto field has been divided have been completed.

The wells and their type, the type of constructed wells and the accumulative meters that have been drilled for such wells are summarized. Las plantas vasculares de los afloramientos rocosos de Suesca, Cordillera Oriental colombiana.

Full Text Available Se muestrearon las plantas vasculares presentes en tres tipos de afloramientos rocosos del municipio de Suesca, departamento de Cundinamarca Colombia, ubicados entre 2. Los sitos de muestreo con mayor diversidad fueron VH y FS.

Geohydrology of the Cerro Prieto geothermal aquifer. The most recent information on the Cerro Prieto geothermal aquifer is summarized, with special emphasis on the initial production zone where the wells completed in the Alpha aquifer are located. These wells produce steam for power plant units 1 and 2. The location of the area studied is shown.

The Alpha and Beta aquifers differ in their mineralogy and cementing mineral composition, temperatures, and piezometric levels. The difference in piezometric levels indicates that there is no local communication between the two aquifers.

This situation has been verified by a well interference test, using well E-1 as a producer in the Beta aquifer and well M as the observation well in the Alpha aquifer. No interference between them was observed. Information on the geology, geohydrology, and geochemistry of Cerro Prieto is presented.

Sedimentary rocks Uranium in Cerro Largo Province. With the aim of the uranium minerals exploration has been carried out several studies by UTE technicians in Cerro Largo Province from to In uranium concentration has been found pyrite, phosphate, iron oxides and manganese in uranium.

Optical atmospheric extinction over Cerro Paranal. Patat, F. The present study was conducted to determine the optical extinction curve for Cerro Paranal under typical clear-sky observing conditions, with the purpose of providing the community with a function to be used to correct the observed spectra, with an accuracy of 0. Exploration and development of Cerro Prieto. A brief retrospective of the exploration and field model development at Cerro Prieto are presented.

Representative field models are presented for each of the work phases. A model integrating information from these studies was developed. This essay explores the relationship between Ana Castillo 's novel "So Far from God" and her development of an activist poetics inspired by Paulo Freire's influential treatise "Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Hasta este trabajo, se pensaba que esta familia estaba representada solamente por tres especies en el Pacifico colombiano y en este estudio se registran seis especies: Echinolittorina apicina, E.

New radiocarbon dates for the transition from middle to upper palaeolithic at El Castillo Cantabria. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon dates put the archaic Aurignacian industries at ca. Evaluation of geologic characteristics at Cerro Prieto.

Computerized well-log analysis of Cerro Prieto has led to the identification of a relatively large and irregular low-density volume extending from near the surface in the vicinity of Laguna Volcano to greater depths toward the northeast.

This low-density volume is located about a plane of symmetry of a self-potential anomaly and a group of northeast trending active faults. The presence of a volume of relatively high-density rock has been recognized at shallow depths in the initially developed part of the resource.

It is believed to be due to minerals deposited by cooled, rising geothermal brine. Storativity calculated from well logs at the south end of the western part of the field shows acceptable comparison with storativity calculated from well tests.

The amount of fluid produced from the field during the period is greater than the amount in situ calculated from the completed interval thicknesses. Because this part of the field is still producing today, fluid must be recharging this part of the field. Archeological fieldwork carried out un July on terrace East at El Castillo site, Santa Valley, resulted in the discovery of a child burial wrapped in many textiles.

One of them is unique. It represents a harvest scene of the plant identified as the manioc or yucca. The archeological context indicates a Moche III date for the burial based of the content of the fill between plastered clay floors from over and under the tomb.

Description of the textile's context it followed by a discussion of its nature and possible implications on Moche economy. Uruguay mining Inventory: geochemical prospecting results of Cerro de las Cuentas mapping. This work is about the geochemical prospecting carried out into the Uruguay mining inventory framework.

In this case the survey was in Cerro de las Cuentas mapping. Cerro Largo department. The present work are within the framework and compiles the data obtained by means of the study of the perforations executed in the District Cerro Largo Sur of the detailed prospection of uranium minerals.

The works began at the beginning of and continued until July; The headquarters of the program of prospection of uranium was carried out by Ing. Hector Goso. In this report the conclusions drawn at the time of the detection of the works in the District already published, as well as the litologicos cuts of all the executed perforations are included.

Nuevos grabados y pinturas en las cuevas del Monte del Castillo. La petici?? Esta denuncia nos permite conocer aspectos in?? En el laboratorio fueron identificados, contados, y pesados en una balanza de 0. Se obtuvo un total de 14 individuos 6 Mollusc community structure and trophic relations in the rochy littoral zone in Sucre State.

Direct radiocarbon dates for prehistoric paintings at the Altamira, El Castillo and Niaux caves. Among things that most strikingly distinguish modern humans from other hominids and the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to represent things and events pictorially.

Complex paintings of the type discovered in the Altamira, El Castillo , Niaux and Lascaux caves represent an important stepping stone in the cultural evolution of humankind. Until now dates were derived from style or dated remains left by prehistoric visitors and could be biased by prolonged occupation or visits unrelated to painting activity. Our results demonstrate the imprecise nature of stylistic dating and show that painting dates derived from remains of human activities should be used with caution.

The function of the long lists at the end of the story and, especially of Chapter CCVI, containing the indistinguishable portraits of New Spain's Spanish capitains is explained. How the chronicler's privileged memory functions as a rhetorical category -in this case, that of the portrait of a medieval hero- who argues his case for the pretended reconstruction of an experience based only on memory is shown.

Se identificaron 35 especies, de las cuales tres son nuevos registros para el intermareal rocoso de Guerrero: las familias mejor representadas en riqueza de especies fueron Ischnochitonidae y Arcidae, y en abundancia Chitonidae y Chamidae; la densidad fue de 31,60 ind m La riqueza de especies de moluscos registrada se considera alta y corresponde a lo esperado para un sustrato rocoso en zona tropical. The State of Guerrero, Mexico, has priority marine areas for conservation of its biodiversity, but information concerning diversity of mollusks is limited, so it is convenient to carry out species inventories, studies of populations and community ecology.

This study was conducted in the intertidal rocky beach Tlacopanocha. The objectives were to determine richness, density and species diversity, analyze the species composition and size structure. Quetzal or not Quetzal, that is the question On the stairs of the Castillo monument in Chichen Itza. Some speculation will be presented about the hypothesis that states that the reflected sounds in the stairs of the Castillo building in Chichen Itza, Mexico, imitates the song of the quetzal bird.

Some aspects of construction, both technical and social, are discussed as well as issues related with myth and fantasies. Criteria for determining casing depth in Cerro Prieto. On the basis of geological data obtained during drilling and its relation to electric logs, together with the problems that arose when drilling through formations until the production zone was reached, it is possible to establish the most suitable manner to line a well and thus formulate an optimum casings program.

The main criteria to be taken into consideration in preparing such a program and its application in the drilling of wells programmed in Cerro Prieto to optimize and economize such drilling and achieve suitable techniques for well completion are presented. The criteria are based on the characteristics of the Cerro Prieto field and on casing design factors, as well as a experience gained during drilling in such a field.

Geophysical investigations of magma plumbing systems at Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua.


Diario de la marina ( December 20, 1959 )

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