Translated By P. This is a part of Thiruvachagam, one of the great Tamil devotional works composed by Saint Manikkavasagar. Suprabatham are completely absent in ancient Sanskrit literature. This Thirupalliyezuchi was followed by several in Tamil by great Vaishnavite saints and in the last centaury the first Sanskrit work, Venkatesa Suprabatham. Salutations to you, who is the first meaning of my life, The new day has broken and please grant me your smile, As a sign of your grace, when I salute and offer flowers at your holy feet, Oh God presiding over Thiruperumthurai, Which is surrounded ponds, full of open lotus flowers, And where your flag of the bulls flies very high, For my sake Oh God be pleased to wake up.

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Meaning: Praises, Oh The Thing that is the principal for my life! It is dawn, hailing the floral feet with alike flowers, with the glorious smile in Your Rich Face blooming grace to us, we worship Your Rich foot. Oh, Owner of the Bull raised flag!

Oh, my Master!! Bless getting up!! Darkness went vanished. Oh Mount of bliss that comes to give the wealth of grace!

Oh roaring swaying Ocean! Meaning: Shouted the cuckoos! Shouted the hens! Chirped the sparrows! Sounded the conches! Disappeared the stars! The light, the luminance spreads in the dawn with our joy.

Oh Divine! Oh Difficult to be understood by anybody! Oh Simple for us! My Lord, Bless getting up!! Meaning: One side - nice musicians of vIna and yAz. One side - people with chaste floral garlands. One side - worshipers, criers, people with hands that is loosing strength.

One side - people with folded hands over their head. My Lord, Who blesses well taking me too as slave! Meaning: "You are present in all the Elements. One without out or in going", thus, about You, the poets praise singing and dancing, other than that we never heard anybody who saw and realised You! Oh Difficult even to think! My Lord coming in front of our eye, cutting off our miseries, blessing ruling us! Meaning: Staying liberated, Your slaves experiencing You , cutting off the bonds, they, many in number, worship with the human feeling that of the dyed eyed women.

Oh the Groom of the Lady! My Lord, who cuts off this birth blessing taking us slaves, Bless getting up!! Meaning: That, is like the taste of the fruits, like the nectar, to know difficult or simple - this even the deathless amarar - dhEvAs do not know, that this is His holy form, that This is He! Which is the way of owning our service, we would listen to that. Meaning: You became the early first, middle and end.

Even the trinity do not know, who else would know! Oh Supreme, the Lady with the globe in the finger and You, who blessed coming in each old abodes of Your slaves! Oh Nice nectar! Meaning: Oh Great thing unreachable even for the dhEvAs of the space! Oh the One who made us, Your humble slaves, live coming on this earth! Oh the One standing giving joy in the eyes of us, traditional slaves! Oh the Nectar from the ocean!

Oh Sugar cane! The One residing in the thoughts of liking slaves! The Soul of the world! Oh nice Nectar! Please click this Icon to play Radio. Shaiva Lahari. Home English-Script Thiruppalliyezhuchi - Meaning. Scriptures - English-Script.


Thirupalliyezhuchi of Thondar adi podi Azhwar

This is strange since the system of sending Lord to sleep and waking up is prevalent in most of the famous temples of Tamil Nadu. Sri Venkatesa Suprabatham which is used to wake up Lord Venkateswara of Thirupathi which was written about a hundred years back must be the most popular one. He observed Ranganatha as divine Narayana, Resting in Srirangam like a king, And wrote this garland of verses to awaken him, Is the dust of the feet of devotees and I extol him. Kozhumkodi mullayin kozhumala ranavi, Koornthathu guna disai marutham idhuvo, Ezhundana malaranai palli kol annam, Eenpani nanainthathum iru chiragudhari, Vizhungiya mudalayin pilamburai pezh vay, Vellyir uruvuthan vidathinmukkanungi, Azhungiya aanayin arum thuyar kedutha, Arangathamma, palli ezhundharulvaye. The breeze from the east blows bringing with it, The sweet incense of jasmine flowers by caressing it, The swans which caress the lotus flowers have woken up, By slowly shaking their wings making the dew drops fall down, Oh Lord mother of Srirangam who cured the sorrow of the elephant, Caused by its body being caught in the box like mouth, Of the crocodile which was trying to swallow it, I request you, Please do wake up.



Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Thondaradippodi Alwar is one of the twelve Alwar Saints from South India who are known for their affiliation to Vaishnava Sampradayam tradition of Hinduism.


Thiruppalliyezhuchi - Meaning


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