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How cool is this? Oh, wait. The original module is still played today by die-hard fans. I have fond memories of the original. Let the search begin. Hey Tom! Comment by John ONeill - August 23, pm.

Just something to think about. John, As a longtime gamer, do you play 4E? Yes, true awesome geekness! Comment by namelessarchon - August 23, pm. Comment by peadarog - August 24, am.

Probably should, since I hear good things. I played 3E for a few months when it came out does that count? Does that make me old? Comment by John ONeill - August 24, am. What made it great was the sinister backstory, the strong impression of powerful forces at work behind the scenes, their motivations only dimly glimpsed by the players and then only if they were paying attention.

That kind of thing was brand new at the time. I was able to pull out my maps and follow the action. That was a blast. Is Wil Wheaton a gamer? Oh, and I did take you for a 1st edition purist, and you know, that is a great thing in my opinion, so 4E would do you no favors.

Comment by namelessarchon - August 24, am. The boss there stated that the moathouse from The Village of Hommlet was the inspiration for the module. Comment by Sherlock - December 5, pm. Comment by John ONeill - December 5, pm. Trackback by ece units - December 13, am.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Black Gate 15 - The last print issue. Black Gate 15 — Spring Looking for the fine folks at Black Gate Publishing? Their website is here.


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I just got mine in the mail from the Wizards Play Network yesterday. I was just wondering if anyone else has got it and had a look at it. And yes it is set in Greyhawk though it also keeps the Points of Light feel. I have to say that though I don't haven't played any of the Temple of Elemental Evil adventures before, I'm familiar with them and I think the adventure is a nice tribute to them.

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