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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Cordless single-line laser bar code scanner and ccbbtn-bf base 18 pages. Page 2 Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. The information in this publication does not repre- sent a commitment on the part of HII. Honeywell is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modifications of this equip- ment or the substitution or attachment of connecting cables and equipment other than those specified by Honeywell.

Page 5 In order to avoid the dissemination of those substances in our environment and to diminish the pressure on the natural resources, we encourage you to use the appropriate take-back systems for product disposal.

Those sys- tems will reuse or recycle most of the materials of the product you are dis- posing in a sound way. Solids and Water Protection The Voyager g has a rating of IP42, immunity of foreign particles and drip- ping water.

Patents For patent information, please refer to www. Page 7 Honeywell International Inc. Page 11 Scanner-Bioptic Packet Mode Page 12 Deactivation Character Page 13 Other Programming Selections Page 15 Read Time-Out Page 16 viii Page Chapter 1 - Getting Started Voyager g linear scanner.

Product specifications, dimensions, warranty, and customer support information are also included. Honeywell bar code scanners are factory programmed for the most common terminal and communications settings. If you need to change these settings, programming is accomplished by scanning the bar codes in this guide.

Page Connecting With Keyboard Wedge Verify the scanner operation by scanning a bar code from the Sample Symbols in the back of this manual. Refer to page for other USB terminal settings. Connect the appropriate interface cable to the scanner. Tighten the two screws to secure the connector to the port. Once the scanner has been fully connected, power up the computer. Connect the appropriate interface cable to the device, then to the com- puter.

The scanner beeps. Verify the scanner operation by scanning a bar code from the Sample Symbols in the back of this manual. Menu Bar Code Security Settings Honeywell scanners are programmed by scanning menu bar codes or by send- ing serial commands to the scanner.

If you want to restrict the ability to scan menu codes, you can use the Menu Bar Code Security settings. This resets the scanner to the custom default settings. If there are no custom defaults, it will reset the scanner to the factory default settings. Page Chapter 2 - Programming The Interface Programming the Interface Introduction This chapter describes how to program your system for the desired interface.

Programming the Interface - Plug and Play Plug and Play bar codes provide instant scanner set up for commonly used interfaces. Note: After you scan one of the codes, power cycle the host terminal to have the interface in effect. Note: After scanning one of these codes, you must power cycle the cash register. Scanning these codes also adds a CR and LF. The driver will use the next available COM Port number.

Scan the bar code below, then set the timeout from milliseconds by scanning digits from the Programming Chart, then scanning Save.

Page Nak Retries Communication Timeout Beeper This selection programs the scanner to issue an error beep when a communication timeout has occurred. The error beep sound is pro- page It also adds a line feed LF suffix and programs the following prefixes for each symbology: Symbology Prefix This bar code sets the baud rate to bps and the data format to 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Page Keyboard Country Layout Keyboard Country Layout Scan the appropriate country code below to program the keyboard layout for your country or language.

If you need to pro- gram a keyboard for a country other than one listed above, scan the Program Shift Lock Autocaps via NumLock bar code should be scanned in countries e.

The host terminal must be set for the same baud rate as the scanner. Page Rs Timeout and CTS is not asserted, the device transmit buffer is cleared and scanning may resume.

Data transmission continues where it left off when XOFF was sent. Page Nak Retries number of retries from by scanning digits from the Programming Chart, then scanning Save. Timeout Retries Communication Timeout Beeper This selection programs the scanner to issue an error beep when a communication timeout has occurred. Turning this option off, only turns off the beeper response to a good read indication.

All error and menu beeps are still audible. The same number of beeps will be applied to the beeper and LED in response to a good read. Page 55 To change the number of error beeps, scan the bar code below and then scan a digit bar code and the Save bar code on the Programming inside the back cover of this manual. Use the following bar codes to program the LED indicators. If you disable settings first, you may program the scanner so it is unable to read bar codes. However, the data is not transmitted until you press the button.

The laser remains on briefly after the transmission. Presentation Mode Out-of-Stand If you scan Do Not End Manual Activation After Good Read, the laser remains on after a good read, but the button must be pressed to scan the next bar code. The scanner remains on, scanning and decoding bar codes, but the bar code data is not transmitted until the button is pressed.

Page Object Detection Distance Object Detection Distance When the scanner is in the stand and you are using Object Detection Mode, you can set the distance range for detecting objects. Short sets the scanner to detect objects approximately 5 inches Scan Save to finish. Activation Character End Character Activation After Good Read After a bar code is successfully detected and read from the scanner, the laser can be programmed either to remain on and scanning, or to turn off.

Page Character Deactivation Mode Character Deactivation Mode If you have sent a character from the host to trigger the scanner to begin scan- ning, you can also send a deactivation character to stop scanning. Scan the On bar code below to use character deactivation, then use Deactivation Character following to select the character you will send from the host to terminate scan- ning.

Page Reread Delay Reread Delay This sets the time period before the scanner can read the same bar code a sec- ond time. Setting a reread delay protects against accidental rereads of the same bar code. Longer delays are effective in minimizing accidental rereads. Use shorter delays in applications where repetitive bar code scanning is required.

Page Output Sequence Editor Output Sequence Editor This programming selection allows you to program the scanner to output data when scanning more than one symbol in whatever order your appli- cation requires, regardless of the order in which the bar codes are scanned.

Reading the Default Sequence symbol programs the scanner to the Universal values, shown below. Note: Code 93 must be enabled to use this example. If you want the scanner to remain silent, scan the Sequence Match Beeper Off bar code below. Page No Read When the output sequence is Off , the bar code data is output to the host as the scanner decodes it. Page 72 3 - Step 3. Scan the 2 hex digits from the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this manual or scan 9, 9 for all symbologies.

Step 4. Step 2. Determine the 2 digit Hex value from the Symbology Chart included in the Symbology Chart, beginning on page A-1 for the symbology from which you want to clear the prefix or suffix. Page Function Code Transmit Function Code Transmit When this selection is enabled and function codes are contained within the scanned data, the scanner transmits the function code to the terminal. Charts of these function codes are provided in Supported Interface Keys starting on page Page Intercharacter, Interfunction, And Intermessage Delays Intercharacter, Interfunction, and Intermessage Delays Some terminals drop information characters if data comes through too quickly.

Intercharacter, interfunction, and intermessage delays slow the transmission of data, increasing data integrity. Intercharacter Delay An intercharacter delay of up to milliseconds in 5ms increments may be placed between the transmission of each character of scanned data.

Page Intermessage Delay Intermessage Delay An intermessage delay of up to milliseconds in 5ms increments may be placed between each scan transmission. Scan the Intermessage Delay bar code below, then scan the number of 5ms delays, and the Save bar code using the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this man- ual. Page 82 4 - For exam- ple, you can use the Data Format Editor to insert characters at certain points in bar code data as it is scanned.

The selections in the following pages are used only if you wish to alter the output. Page 84 you are programming. Scan three numeric bar codes on the Programming Chart to program the scanner for your terminal ID you must enter 3 digits. If you are clearing the primary format, scan 0 from the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this manual. If you are clearing an alternate format, scan 1, 2, or 3, depending on the format you are clearing.

Page Move Commands A-4 for decimal, hex and character codes.


Honeywell 1200g User Manual

Single- Line Laser Scanner. View and Download Honeywell Voyager g user manual online. Voyager g Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Also for: Voyager g. A worry-free linear scanning solution that minimizes the need for manual data entry. Access the Honeywell web site at www. Connecting With Keyboard Wedge Verify the scanner or base operation by scanning a bar code from the Sample Symbols in the back of this manual.


Honeywell Voyager 1200g User Manual



Honeywell VOYAGER 1200G User Manual




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